“Robot Soul” by Ewan Hoozami

Ewan Hoozami shoot 2014 Ghost ShotEwan Hoozami (Pronounced: /youˈn’hooz’arr’mee / YOU-n-hooz-ARR-mee / “You and whose army”) is a DJ/Producer/Vocalist and the frontman for his own band ‘Ewan Hoozami Live’, based in Brighton, UK. He’s smashed stages the world over with a technical blend of party-rocking funk, beats and bass, while winning legions of fans for his unique songwriting and multi-instrumentalism.

A disciple of hip-hop culture, he was raised a crate-digger, turntablist and rapper, yet possessed with a little blue-eyed soul and an appetite for studio-experimentation, his music often defies easy categorization, leaving him to coin his own genre – Robot Soul.

With the worldwide release of his Robot Soul album featuring on iTunes’ front page, his debut artist EP on legendary funk/breaks imprint Goodgroove Records, and having been described as an “Emerging Icon” by the world-famous Huffington Post, Ewan Hoozami is a ‘rising talent in British music’


Portishead will re-release Dummy on Vinyl

Portishead Dummy on vinylAs posted on the band’s facebook, To mark the 20th anniversary of the release, in August 1994, of “Dummy”, Portishead will be re-issuing the album on vinyl , pressed on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve.

There will be no additional material on the re-issue, with the songs remaining exactly as recorded on the original release.

The first 1000 copies of the record will be pressed on blue vinyl before reverting to heavyweight black vinyl. Each album will contain a download card of “Dummy”.

We’ll be posting a link on Wednesday 13th August.

THAT: Trip Hop Addicts Therapy

This is the sixth episode of THAT: Trip Hop Addicts Therapy; a weekly mix featuring the classic hits and the new tunes of trip hop, downtempo, alternative rap.
This time featuring music from Massive Attack, beLOey, Sneaker Pimps, Button Pusher and many more. Including me once again, getting off some sounds from my other toys =)
Please share it, like it and comment it. Let me know what you think about it.

THAT: Trip Hop Addicts Therapy by – 006 by Triptica on Mixcloud

Mobile cloud computing with tablet

The Digital Age: Trip Hop on the go

The latest apps

Trip hop has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Bristol in the early 1990s. And with any musical genre that sees wide scale appeal it evolves to fit its surroundings. Although trip hop may not have relinquished the components, which saw it garner worldwide praise during its inception, it has developed with the demanding rigors of a technological savvy landscape.

Through technology the passionate music fan, whether it is trip hop or any another genre; have been able to immerse ourselves in the pursuits we feel most passionate about. And people who have a passion for trip hop have in turn developed apps that will cater for the trip hop faithful.

Gaming Realms, producer of interactive next-generation gaming platform Castle Jackpot stated recently that the “growth in mobile internet is one of the most powerful trends in the Internet landscape” meaning that the app market is becoming inundated with new apps on a daily basis. Readwrite a tech news website reported that there is approximately 20,000 apps being added to the App Store each month.

Trip-Hop-Finest-Tunes-cover[1]But how does this affect trip hop fans? Out of the 20,000 apps added to the App Store monthly, a high proportion of these apps are music-centric apps. So, with that in mind we have found two of the best trip hop apps for your perusal…

Trip Hop Music App
Although it has received mixed reviews on Google Play, it has however garnered more positive reviews from tech critics. Via this app you can listen to the most cutting edge trip hop tracks anytime of the day.

Trip Hop Radio
Built for the most devoted of trip hop fans, this app houses all the best radio stations catering for the genre you so dearly love. The only downside to this app is that you need Internet connection to run it.

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