The Top 10 Trip Hop Albums of All Time

Trip Hop community in Reddit voted for the top 10 Trip Hop albums, as voted by the community in : Mezzanine by Massive Attack, 1998 – Mezzanine is, without a doubt, the quintessential triphop album. This is what brought the genre to prominence. Simply put, Mezzanine is trip into sound bliss. The whole thing feels […]

Trip Hop Bands and Artists


BeLOey, trip hop project, see the first day of light in 2003 by composing for himself some creepy electro sounds on his old computer, in his small cellar. In 2007 he released a self production Ep called “Bienvenue Voyageur”, with a determinate vibe of Trip Hop’s songs. In 2011, he came back with “Trip Hop […]


LAMB’s debut album reissued on vinyl

For all vinyl junkies, the electronic music duo Andy Barlow & Lou Rhodes: Lamb, announced that eponymous debut album LAMB is being reissued on 10 March 2014 by Music On Vinyl. This debut self-titled album Lamb was released back on September 1996. Lou Rhodes has penned some exclusive liner notes giving her unique Lamb’s eye […]


The Atma Project’s “Lucky Thirteen”

Brazilian trip hop duo The Atma Project is on tour promoting their latest record, Lucky Thirteen. Their first show  will be March 6th  at Sesc Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo and is already sold-out, so if you already got a ticket, lucky you! But if not, check their facebook page for next shows. Here is their last […]


Bird Flies High – I Got You