21 Hertz is a French Swedish trip hop group located in Stockholm (Sweden). It was created by its two French members, Christian Ricci and Sylvain Brochard in 2002.

21hertzWorking at the same place at night, taking care of mentally ill people, and doing music alone during the day, they both needed an escape. Coming from two different worlds, Hip hop for Sylvain, and funk for Christian, they decided that the group should be a live act, combining traditional rock instruments, like guitar and bass, and instruments related to electronic music: sampler, turntables and synthesizers.

Christian Hörkkö came as the third member. He had taken part in other projects with Christian Ricci. From times to times, he came with more or less working vintage synthesizers at the rehearsal and finally became as important as a guitar player as a keyboardist.

But it took ages to find the singer. And she was right there playing violin with them from the beginning. It’s only because the group couldn’t find a proper singer (understand a singer who can sing, being punctual and serious) that Karin Steneby accepted to take that delicate place.

Working on the live act project, 21 Hertz started to record to work faster on the arrangements of the songs. But the need of a demo and the desire of perfection lead Christian Ricci to properly mix those tracks. Doing everything themselves, they finally released their first album “Ocean of time” in April 2005.

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