Length 56.4 miElevation gain 10449 ftRoute type Point to point Desert View Visitor Center Trail Grand Canyon, AZ June 18, 2019. There are several parking lots with the access to the Loyalsock Hiking Trail. You could tell the difference the farther out the route, the less used and more grown in. We landed on our butts more than once, some spots it was safer to step down backwards so you could hold onto rocks. It seemed to go on forever, and it was like straight down, no switchbacks…luckily we held onto little sapplings that bent over giving us a handrail! … Signed into the Loyalsock log here at 6:15pm (see pix), * Water drop - had a water drop on Loyalsock trail (around Miller Trail area- crew drove to gate and hike water in), 8:20 Missed a mark on dirt road had to go back and forth until we saw it,  but saw this great mushroom (pix), 8:40ish got to top of “awesome climb” (That’s the beauty of headlamps, you can only see as high as you want to!)  We saw lights getting closer…could it be, did we do it? We started at 6:00AM with 4 runners and finished at 7:32PM with 2 runners. The trail is known for its many fine vistas. The humidity picked up and it was sauna like conditions again. Rain showers and cool. We ran the Loyalsock trail on 11/14/15. Crossing around 7:00, Reached the overlook at High Rock Trail & Loyalsock  by  7:15 Pennsylvania Route 87 runs the length of the valley, following the north fork after Forksville. The extremes of elevation are 665' at its lowest, and 2140' at its highest. I was surprised to find a waterfall at the start of the Loyalsock Trail, the Dutchman's Falls. Parking is somewhat limited but several lots have recently been developed or improved. The western trailhead is on Route 87 northeast of Williamsport; the eastern trailhead is just off Route 220 near Laporte. Some say the start is actually on 220& Mead Rd. Log in or register to post comments; Athlete. The actual Rte. It got real still, a haze rolled in the wind Picked up immensely sounding like a freight train.The woods looked ominous…. Be careful after the falls, your so caught up in its beauty easy to miss the trail turn on left, Great Rock formations and different types of mosses just before noon, Awesome water falls 1 hour before reaching mile 25, *Crew Stop - Dry Run Road - refilled water/ food/ chargers. Horseback riders will find that both of the 25- mile loops offer many hours of excellent riding through a wide variety of landscapes and forest types and conditions. Most of the Loyalsock Trail is located within the Loyalsock State Forest, with the remainder on private land. (with relief! Diane Grim (age 61); race reporter and birthday girl. 220 Start of the Loyalsock is actually subjective. The trailhead along World’s End Road provides ample parking and direct access to many points of interest including High Knob Overlook and Loyalsock Canyon Vista. Anna Piskorska (48) Team mate You are being redirected to the DCNR eLibrary. Bull Frogs were in perfect Dogs are also able to use this trail. 87 @  12:05 AMTotal Time:  20:05:16Elevation Gain:  12,447’Elevation Loss:   13,428’Type of Run: Supported (2 runners entire course, 1 support runner last 20 miles and Trail Markings: For the most part 98% of the trail was marked very consistent. (it's the little things in life that matters)                                  It’s very detailed, featuring maps, historical information, mileages, and campsite suggestions. No blood, No broken bones, No getting lost….I say it’s a Win, win! Doc ID: 1737179 Doc Name: FD20 - Link Trail Loop - Forestry Trail Guide 8-5x1….pdf; Trail Description The Loyalsock State Forest's Cross-Country Ski Trails are composed of five loops of trails suitable for hiking and cross-country skiing. The actual Rte. The LT is blazed with yellow disks having red LT letters in the center. Known locally as the “LT”, this trail is sure to provide challenges and tranquility to all hikers. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Loyalsock, PA. Loyalsock Trail is a 7.8 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania that offers the chance to see wildlife. Views… Worth the climb, Got to Rodes Falls around 10:50… took pictures, climbed the ladder and checked gear at top, realized my charger cord fell out at bottom….yep, back down and boy that ladder was slippery. Alpine Club membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. The Hawkeye Ski Trail is a 7.23-mile red blazed trail. It was spectacular. We reached the bottom of the descent; it actually just dumps you out to the side of Rte. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Lots of camping, concessions stand if open. Thank you whoever painted them and placed them there, we didn’t take one, they will be forever in our memory! Muncy, PA Difficult. )Kudos to the trail maintenance for posting notices, marks were moved to other side of trail, due to pipeline work, I think about 3-4 miles from the end. The Loyalsock State Forest is 115,000 acres of Appalachian bliss with its gorges, waterfalls, ponds, streams, vistas, whitewater, swimming holes, big rocks, numerous trails, deep woods, and superb camping. We did have some trouble on some road areas, finding marks at intersections. ), *Crew Stop - Little Bear Road crossing - refilled water/ food/ chargers / grabbed back up lights- this stop took longer than expected. Turn left and in 0.4 miles arrive at the Lower Alpine Vista and its views of Loyalsock Creek. The dirt road follows the Towanda Path, an Iroquois trade route later used by soldiers in the War of 1812, and runaway slaves. Weather: 70 degrees at start with 90+% humidity (felt like a Sauna) Temperatures climbed to high 80’s + with humidity to match, luckily the trail is mostly under canopy of summer leaves, and open sky is limited to gravel roads. Went counterclockwise from Masten (17.5 miles day one then out 10 on day two). Loyalsock Trail May 25, 2020. Some say the start is once you get to the parking lot on Mead Rd. You can purchase it by mail, online, or at certain retailers in … Forced to walk sections due to visibility of footing. The LT follows mountain ridges and streams through the Loyalsock Creek watershed as it travels through the woods on footpaths, old logging roads and abandoned railroad grades. Here's the Gps links had to use 2 watches as the battery wouldn't last long enough, turned the one on then turned the other off. The LT follows mountain ridges and streams through the Loyalsock Creek watershed as it travels through the woods on footpaths, old logging roads and abandoned railroad grades. Information on the 60-mile Loyalsock Trail is at http://www.pahikes.com/trails/loyalsock-trail. 220 at 4:00am Long Climbs, and Long Steep Climbs and a lot of Stream Crossings. @  4:00 AMFinish:  Rte. The history of this forest is interesting as it was laid out by explorer scouts in early 1950s. From here it’s 0.6 miles to the Alpine Vista. Possible Fastest Known Timed could be Frosting on the Cake! At one point the marks seemed to be a bit scattered as we climbed down over the bigger rocks. Loyalsock Trail is a 56.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Dushore, Pennsylvania that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. 20 hours and 5 minutes of travel time. So now we’ve laid it out there for you….The “unknown” is now known to you. Crystal Lake Road is on the right, (we knew not to go that way from the Recon ) you stay straight on Genesee Trail Road eventually seeing LT marks on telephone poles. How bad can one more mile be ???? The LT is a well-maintained, linear trail traversing about 60 miles of Loyalsock State Forest in north-central Pennsylvania. The Garmin, driving to the start from Dushore shows the start as the “No Parking sign” (Old entrance) just before Mead Rd. We had 2 major thunderstorms, one which at 1:00 pm we wished we had our headlamps as it was that dark in the woods, and even with my visor the water was pouring in my eyes. We started our watches at the sign on Rte. The use of blazed connectors, ski trails and old logging roads and grades make smaller loops possible (especially in the eastern portion of the trail). The Loyalsock Trail (LT) is a 59.2 mi (95.3 km) hiking trail along Loyalsock Creek in Lycoming and Sullivan counties in north central Pennsylvania in the United States. ), We reached Sones Pond somewhere around 5:30. Grab onto everything you can (-39% ???!!!) 87 we encountered a very rocky climb (like maybe a dried up creek? The trail will climb and re-connect with the high water trail in 0.5 miles from leaving it. Route. The District consists of the Donald E. Schick Elementary School (grades K-5), the Loyalsock Township Middle School (grades 6-8), and the Loyalsock Township High School (grades 9 … related to the 59.2-mile Loyalsock Trail (LT) in Lycoming County, PA. We came across quite a few campers (non which were awake – except for the man in the hammock – that I lit up with my headlamp, Opps – sorry! Fern areas were waist high. pre-arranged designated locations. Our Run Summary/Timeline:    We started right at the sign on the corner of Mead Road and Rte. Second Thunder storm hit us at 2:30pm , just after aid stop at Dry Run Road, we weren’t out of there 5 minutes when the heavens opened its flood gates.                                                            (Timeline is based on time stamps on pictures we took). Cascade Canyon Trail Moose, WY June 29, 2019. Get out there and do it.. Push your limits, whatever they might be. Male. Muncy, PA 1 Show More Trails Loyalsock State Forest Biking. (but there is no trail head marker) On one of the climbs the rain was coming down so hard, the water rushing down the trail above you was gushing under our feet, and with it came added debris. (Got to the gate, retraced and found trail.) It just kept going up, with pitches 27/39%, We kept saying there better be a view at the top. Had a bit of trouble locating markers It was almost faster sliding on the bottoms of our trail shoes when we hit loose small stuff. The bridle trail consists of two 25-mile loops, referred to as the East Loop and the West Loop, each beginning and ending at the trailhead along World’s End Road (SR 3009).  Perfect Camping area. Loyalsock State Forest & Worlds End State Park Snowmobile Trails, Loyalsock State Forest Cross Country Ski Trails, Susquehanna River Water Trail - West Branch. The grass was very high here, we walked it to be safe, you couldn’t see your feet and the rocks,   Reached High Rock Spur Rd. Loyalsock State Forest and Link Trail Map and Guide (PDF) District Trails. 220 Start of the Loyalsock is actually subjective.                         1 “traveling” aid crew(plus dog!) The summer of 2012 was the year of waterfalls. We encountered one section we missed a turn due to the undergrowth being so tall it covered the marks on the trees. Most roads and trails in the Loyalsock State Forest are open to mountain bikes. Eric Kosek - Loyalsock Trail (PA) - 2020-03-31 FKT: Eric Kosek - Loyalsock Trail (PA) - 2020-03-31. Finally the switch backs started and came across some “Trail Treasure”,  white Painted rocks, that said 50k 100k etc. The Loyalsock continues its mercurial ways, dropping off of the Allegheny Plateau, then regaining the heights on a three-mile walk on Genesee Trail Road (4). Some grass sections unrunable due to knee high grass. The Alpine Club of Williamsport, PA, organized in 1953, maintains the 59.21 mile Loyalsock Trail (LT) and has trail care hikes and other outings. We ran along a ridge hearing tons of fireworks (or gun shots) coming up from the valley below and could Hike offerings and Spring Work Hikes will appear on the Activity Schedule page of this web site. This made my day…..how cool is that!! Loyalsock Creek is used for trout fishing and whitewater kayaking, and the Loyalsock Trail which runs along it is an opportunity for hiking. 220 at the entrance of Mead Rd. Reached top of Canyon Vista 8:40   (that’s a long climb, but worth it **Crew Stop - grabbed water/ dropped lights / food/ chargers), Encountered super tall ferns at 9:45 (they were so pretty and still wet, nice and cooling) Unfortunately you couldn’t run thru them as you couldn’t see your feet,  possibly covering fallen logs or rocks, or worst yet, snakes, Reached Alpine View at 10:27 and Lower Alpine a few minutes later. when we hit the brief road section before the trail into the pond. Retrace your steps, which was usually about 100 yards back to the last mark. After sunset, somewhere on the top of last climb. The Sign behind the bathrooms is the start. You are being redirected to the DCNR eLibrary. Looks to be a great camping area, The Loyalsock Trail is maintained by the Alpine Club of Williamsport. 49 Miles 79 Kilometers of Trail 0 Recommended Routes 9 Easy Trails ; 8 Intermediate Trails ; 1 Difficult Trail ; MTB Project is built by … Numerous side trails provide alternative hiking oppotunities throughout this forest. In planning the run, We decided to run towards Rt.87 because the area from the start thru the haystacks towards worlds end has awesome runnable surface, being in the dark that made sense to maximize run time. The sky was not yet bright enough to see very far into the pond. About 5 miles in from Rte. Trail Surface, relaxed (a.k.a not rocky) The 2nd storm hit and couldn’t be more erie, the air in the woods changed and a fog ensued leaving everything in a haze – the wind picked up immensely and then sounded like a freight train, then the rain came so hard all we could do is laugh and run! The name Loyalsock Creek is taken from the Indian phrase "Lawi-Saquick," meaning middle creek, and flows between Muncy Creek and Lycoming Creek. Great climb out of Worlds End with views back down to the river & beach (picture), Awesome climb up towards Canyon Vista around 8:00                       I never get tired of this trail. The trail is rated as moderate and offers a number of activity options. Also has a beach which can be seen in the picture to the left. Loyalsock State Forest is a state forest in Pennsylvania. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/pennsylvania/glacier-pools-preserve You won’t regret this adventure; it’s breathtaking (in more ways than one)! Most state forest roads are open for joint use by snowmobiles and licensed motor vehicles. Beware of stinging nettles and briars, which are becoming a serious challenge along this trail. Most of the Loyalsock Trail is located within the Loyalsock State Forest, with the remainder on private land. Due to rain, rocks were super slippery. We had hiked this section of the trail a few years ago and apparently hiked right past it without knowing it was there. Trail Conditions:  Summer conditions- Definitely Green and Lush - Some overgrown trails (vegetation encroaching from sides of trail, limiting footing view). Eric Kosek.                                                                                       Fran Mahalak (44)  (Support Runner), Diane Grim, Anna Piskorska - Loyalsock Trail (PA) - 2020-07-12, https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/5223841014. This group was created to share information, experiences, etc. Haystack Area- Hearing the roar of water rushing thru the haystacks was awesome in the dark. Ran up to parking lot on Right, around behind the bathrooms there is another Loyalsock Trail sign, we started picking up LT markers from that point on. I had a fascination with waterfalls and was interested in viewing the many falls we had in Pennsylvania. Mountain bikes are not permitted on the Loyalsock Trail, Old Logger’s Path, or … Pennsylvania has more than 12,000 miles of trails most of which remain accessible during this period. Worlds End State Park is located on the Loyalsock in Sullivan County, near Forksville. Great view with fog lifting in the ravines between the mountains. The Loyalsock Trail begins and ends at Williamsport, PA and Dushore, PA. Williamsport is the Western trailhead, while Dushore is the Eastern. Most hikers begin at the Western terminus for two reasons: 1) a larger parking lot offers ample parking for overnight stays if … 220 & Mead Rd. Birthday adventure runs are the best! The trail is maintained by the Alpine Club of Williamsport. Please check with the trail owner before you go. The scenic and challenging Loyalsock Trail runs roughly parallel to its namesake creek.  harmony with peepers! Huge shout out and thanks to Fran for joining us in this crazy adventure with like 20 miles to go…  (So glad you finally found us, that was an adventure in its own!). Most of all thanks to Tommy Grim, my husband who made this all possible, without him we couldn’t have done it. Double Run Nature Trail Forksville, PA It passes through parts of the Loyalsock State Forest for most of its 59.21 miles. Floods  there was a fire ring and benches (if I remember correctly), It got dark fast…after this view (Smiths Knob?) Photos of Completed Trails. One of the best weekend or overnight backpack loops in Pennsylvania is the Loyalsock-Link Loop. Ha, little did we know! Described here is a 17 mile circuit with a 5 mile out and back to the beautiful Haystack area of Loyalsock … Poor marking where you popped out of the woods before Crystal Lake Road, it turns to Gravel road, we continued on the gravel road with no marks to be found (open fields both sides. The first half is a tough slog up a steep, eroded trail. Did Old Logger's Path in two days last weekend (many do it in three). Normal Rocks & Roots. It’s my 61st birthday! see lights off in the far distance, the edge of trail looked to be a drop off. (certainly didn’t want to slip off that edge!). Last descent was super steep and rocky. Doc ID: 1737178 Doc Name: FD20 - Loyalsock Trail - Forestry Trail Guide 8-5x14.pdf; This 59-mile trail passes through the rugged forested mountains and valleys of the Loyalsock State Forest. Portions of these trails are also suitable for biking and equestrian use. Reached Genesee Trail Road at 4:20, (this was  a tough place to find LT marks, luckily with recon – we knew to continue up dirt road past the Crystal Lake Road and the marks would then be on telephone poles. Be aware, these yellow LT Markers are not Glow in the Dark. Loyalsock State Forest Hiking Trail Map and Guide is available on line and it is best to arrive prepared. Worlds End State Park: Crossed the bridge near Butternut Trail at 7:30 trail cuts near the rest rooms & Visitors center (good bathroom stop!) Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit.