The route is graded medium to hard, it is not level walking but has many ascents and descents as it approaches and veers away from the sea. This rugged, exhilarating walk is filled with stunning scenery, amazing ruins of ancient civilizations, incredibly friendly people, pristine beaches, delicious food, and more. The markings on this trail are poor in many places, even in the “recommended” west to east direction. Of course you will find yourself twisting and turning through the day but many of the sections are exposed with little shade so a bit of planning for your schedule can go a long way. Üçağız to Myra: 21 kilometres. At Cirali, take the mountain route to visit the Chimaera. As this long distance trail is not usually walked in one go, there is no typical itinerary. At 540 kilometres, you won’t be stuck for things to see and do. ... Aqueduct walk to the Lycian capital city - Patara. In the process it opened up areas and brought life to tiny communities that had previously been virtually unknown to the outside world. Some areas of the track offer little in the way of shade. Day 3 –Walk from Kayakoy to Faralya 6 hours / 18 km. Nowadays he is working on his second pressing which will contain route updates as well. This moderate-paced walk starts in Kayakoy and finishes in Dalaman. It is a good idea to take water purification tablets with you. You need to be a fairly experienced hiker to get the most from this trail, due to the rugged terrain, climate and remoteness of some areas. SKU: 0000013 Category: Maps. It was researched, designed and implemented by Kate Clow with Terry Richardson. Or injured? The itinerary follows the highest and most rugged eastern section of the Lycian Way, winding its way above the Mediterranean’s most dramatic coastline, to the limestone peaks of Mount Olympos, soaring high above the glittering sea. Sarıbelen to Gökçeören: 13 kilometres. It is not often hikers complete the length of the trail from start to finish, so if you do find the going tough, you can tailor your walk to the easiest sections. Walking is a great form of exercise for those who are out of shape or recovering from injury. You'll go through rocky coastline, deserted beaches, pine forests, mountain peaks, and ancient ruins. Üzümlü to Akbel: 5 kilometres. The site has some very well preserved and unusual tombs from the Roman and Byzantine period - the village is amongst, and indeed is part of the site. It takes its name from the ancient civilization, which once ruled the area. For an excellent breakdown of each segment of the walk click here to read from a comprehensive Wikitravel entry. Here you have the option of including a 16 kilometre loop to visit Patara beach and ancient ruins. They are in KML format, meaning they can be used in Google Earth and easily converted to other formats (such as .gpx) for … Tent and sleeping bag? Your hike will take you to high-alpine paths that offer fantastic views of the coast and the peaks of the Taurus Mountains, up to 3,000 m high. Inntravel’s self-guided walking holidays aren’t about bagging peaks (unless you want to). One of the greatest long distance walks in the world, the Lycian Way has lots to offer for any hiker. Read More. The Lycian way is a 509 km way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. Hugging the coast of Lycia, this path takes you on a journey of ancient civilizations. Xanthos to Üzümlü: 17 kilometres. Hike up and around Baba Dag (Father Mountain) with spectacular views over Oludeniz lagoon. Walk Map. In this, Hiking is a strenuous activity. One of the greatest long distance walks in the world, the Lycian Way has lots to offer for any hiker. On average, this trek takes around a month to complete, but with so much to see and do along the way, it is worth extending your trip. Day 11: There are places to replenish supplies, but sometimes they might not be from clean sources. There are guided walks available along the trail, and the benefit of this is that all your accommodation is booked for you, in addition to your meals and transportation of backpacks. Day 16: It was conceived by Briton Kate Clow, who lives in Turkey. Q&A: How many calories do you burn when walking? A few elements to consider when choosing a direction: The highest point on the trail, summit of Mt Tahtali (formerly Mt Olympus), sits at 1,800 meters and near the eastern end of the trail. You may need to take extra water supplies for the remote sections. One day you are high up in the mountains and the next on one of th… TrekRight - Lycian Way is a comprehensive, incredibly handy mobile app for anyone walking all or part of the Lycian Way, Turkey's beautiful 400+ km / 250+ mi walk along the Turquoise Coast. Day 20: The Lycian Way covers 540km along Turkey’s old roads. The ruins at Myra are extensive, and include an amphitheatre and rock carved tombs. Göynük Yaylası to Hisarçandır: 22 kilometres. Day 12: Kate Clow with help from Terry Richardson researched designed and …. With ruined ancient cities and other places of historical interest, there is plenty of opportunity to marvel at the wonders of the ancient world. The Lycian Way was developed as Turkey's first long distance footpath, following ancient trade routes via remote villages, ancient ruins, and of course beautiful seascapes of turquoise and gold. If you prefer a more comfortable hike, you can arrange to have your equipment transported between accommodation. You set sail from Marmaris, exploring the trails and quiet beaches of the Göcek Islands, and finish in the harbour of Fethiye after a week. King Alfred’s Way – New 350km Off-Road Bike Route Across Southern England, Camping equipment, walking boots, Water Supplies. The Lycian Way is hardly the country’s only popular footpath – the country boasts over a dozen official paths across the land. Antiphellos to Apollonia: 19 kilometres. If you go camping regularly there’s no doubt that you’ve got all the basics under your belt. You’ll find yourself awash in pure history virtually every step of the way (what other trail has you actually walking on an ancient Roman aqueduct for a significant stretch?). Beginner’s Guide to Hiking – Everything You Need to Know, 10 Things You Didn’t Realise You Needed on Your Next Camping Trip. If you don’t have the luxury of having a month of free time to explore the Lycian Way, you can walk different parts of the path at different times. The Lycian Way, in the partly protected Tekke Peninsula in Turkeys south-west, has only relatively recently been created, mapped and marked, and was opened in 1999 as the first long-distance way-marked trail in Turkey, comprising some 509km of ancient roads, mule trails, and forest paths between Fethiye and Antalya. One of the most important things to remember with this trail is that the warm temperatures and physical effort can led to dehydration very quickly. Bel to Gavurağılı: 10 kilometres. The way is not always clearly marked, and finding the right way can sometimes be a challenge. Myra to Goncatepe: 12 kilometres. See Map of the Lycian Way. Day 28: Admire the Lycian rock tombs carved into the cliff faces. There are some challenging section of the trail, and others that are fairly easy walking. The Lucian Way begins at Ölüdeniz and finishes at Geyikbayırı. The trail is situated between fabulous mountain peaks and a rocky coastline. This stunning landscape can sometime be harsh, and although there are plenty of places to rest along the way, it is important to carry lots of water with you. What if you get lost? No permits are required for hiking the Lycian Way. You can also buy the Lycian Way Eastern Map and Lycian Central Map. Akbel to Bezirgan: 10 kilometres. 540km long, it is marked to Grand Randonee standards and is managed by the Culture Routes Society in Antalya. Day 27: In stock. It may be possible use guide companies to transport your backpack, while you go it alone on the trail. See our blog Our-Wanderlust for a full account of our experience. The Lycian Way is graded 4/5. Mavikent to Gelidonia: 8 kilometres. The first edition of the book became an intense interest and within a year the first edition was sold out. You will find hotels, huts, and rooms in village houses available at regular intervals along the route. Gulet cruises and walking on the Lycian Way Sailing aboard a traditional Turkish gulet is a natural accompaniment to a walking holiday on the Lycian Way. The Lucian Way begins at Ölüdeniz and finishes at Geyikbayırı. Who will help you put up your tent in that howling storm? The Lycian Way; The Lycian Way, Turkey's first long-distance walk, celebrates its 10th birthday in 2009. Our guide is on hand to offer interesting insights into the local culture and history, and we’ll stay in village houses, try fresh produce and meet some of the local families. Narrow mountain paths, quiet fishing villages and beautiful beaches are just some points of interest, as well as cooling forests and ancient ruins. Day 6: These eternal flames are fed by natural gas that comes from deep underground. The sheer distance of this trail makes completing it an achievement. Ölüdeniz to Kozağaç: 8 kilometres. The length of the Lycian Way is approximately 500 kilometres. Take a side trip to marvel at the views the summit of Mt Tahtali, formerly known as the Lycian Mt Olympus, at 2366 meters. Traveling east to west will increase the challenge of finding your way. The Lycian Way (Turkish: Likya Yolu) is a marked long-distance trail in southwestern Turkey around part of the coast of ancient Lycia. Day 22: Working your way backwards will be slightly more challenging (which is a big statement given how challenging the directions in the book are overall). Day 13: These … It is over 500 km (310 mi) in length and stretches from Hisarönü (Ovacık), near Fethiye, to Geyikbayırı in Konyaaltı about 20 km (12 mi) from Antalya. We drive you the short distance to Delikkemer, the fascinating Roman water siphon, part of the aqueduct system that you will be following as you trek to the Roman capital of Lycia Province, with Bathhouses, Ceremonial Arches, Temples and Theatre. Most of the accounts of existing walkes seem to take the route from west to east. Apollonia to Aperlae: 7 kilometres. The Lycian Way was created in the year 2000 by a group of enthusiasts who with the help of the local population way-marked a walking route taking in some of the best areas and sites that Lycia had to offer. Take this demanding but rewarding three-week trek following the best sections of the Lycian Way East and West, winding its way above the Mediterranean’s most dramatic coastline to the limestone peaks of Mount Olympos. Day 17: Add to cart. The Lycian Way in Turkey is one of the best long-distance hiking trails in the world. Navigational skills are useful. Hisarçandır to Geyikbayırı: 26 kilometres. Further above, there are more ancient ruins. Çıralı to Gedelme (coastal route): 22 kilometres. Day 29: Adrasan to Çıralı: 20 kilometres. Way-Marking. Gavurağılı to Pydnai: 6 kilometres. This rugged, exhilarating walk is filled with stunning scenery, amazing ruins of ancient civilizations, incredibly friendly people, pristine beaches, delicious food, and more. Day 15: Most of the accounts of existing walkes seem to take the route from west to east. Most hikers walk the sections they prefer, rather than the whole length. Day 2 – Walk from Fethiye to Kayakoy 4 hours, a gentle start to your Lycian Way hike but this gives you chance to explore the village of Kayakoy and it’s deserted Greek Town. The terrain is mixed, with plenty of inclines and descents and the path weaves along the hilly coastline. The Lycian Way in Turkey is the perfect answer for this type of holiday.The Lycian Way (‘’Likya Yolu’’ in Turkish) is a 509km or 300 mile walk along the South of Turkey from Fethiye to Antalya.İt is a combination of several ancient routes of the Lycian people and is marked by a red and white striped logo. There’s the 500km climb of the St … Trekking poles are designed to provide stability, whilst Nordic walking poles burn more calories and, Whether you’ve managed to take Covid in your stride or you’ve found yourself walking around the house with backpack and boots on, sipping on a reservoir. Spot plenty of wildlife, especially tortoises. You may not be getting there, Not all poles are designed for the same purpose. If you do plan to walk in summer, go for the higher level parts of the trail where temperatures are cooler. The Lycian Way walking trail is famous for unspoilt coastal and mountain paths with breath-taking views along this Turkish coastline. Stay in Kayakoy. During the summer months, the temperatures are often too high to walk comfortably so it is best avoided. Our tours, as mentioned in the Telegraph, help you to discover the more authentic sides of Turkey on one of the world's finest walking routes. It descends through shady wooded valleys along a beautiful beach past the ruins of Olympos. Day 21: Kozağaç to Faralya: 8 kilometres. Public transport is good throughout the trail, making it ideal to walk in stages. Day 10: The Lycian Way is a mythic and ancient way We walked the Lycian Way (Likya Yolu) end-to-end, a 500 kilometre walk around the Teke Peninsula. Depending on when you enjoy hiking (early morning, later in the afternoon) consider where the sun will be – either at your back or in your face for much of the hike. This is a natural phenomenon where flames coms straight out of holes in the mountain. It is a low impact activity that benefits both the body and, Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to take in our surroundings and appreciate nature. Ölüdeniz is a two hour drive from Dalaman airport. The only guide book currently available in English, as well as this website, has instructions written west to east. We walked on old roads and tracks, past traces of Lycian, Greek and Roman civilisations, following turquoise Day 14: TrekRight - Lycian Way is a comprehensive, incredibly handy mobile app for anyone walking all or part of the Lycian Way, Turkey's beautiful 400+ km / 250+ mi walk along the Turquoise Coast. The official start of the the Lycian Way is in Ovacik, but most people begin 15km away in Fethiye.