Gasper is also a member of the Club but he wasn't formally introduced until Volume 4. Ranking. The next heir of the Bael clan and the wielder of the Longinus; Regulus Nemea.Born without his clan’s trademark Power of Destruction, Sairaorg was discriminated by his father; Lord Bael and the clan to the point of being sent to the countryside of the Bael territory with his mother Misla Bael.Under the advise of his mother, Sairaorg … Sairaorg Bael is the next heir of the Bael Clan. Queen worth 9 pawn, Rook worth 5, Bishop and Knight 2. Combatant Sairaorg Bael's team has 3 members left! Sairaorg stated as he walked up to the circle, and like with Google Maps, … He shortened the distance with Triaina, and he also tried to settle the match instantly as well. Standard distance. "Naruto is already engaged." … just then! Chain … Scenario 1: One-on-one. The arbiter announces. Exiled from his home after he was unable to inherit his family's Power of Destruction, Sairaorg trained himself to the point that he can fight off anybody as one of the strongest devils. … Why did the [Queen] of Sairaorg-san come to visit us with this character? Rias Gremory リアス・グレモリー Riasu Guremorī?) Lord Bael (Brother-In-Law) Misla Bael (Sister-In-Law) Unnamed Sister-In-Law. At the end of Volume 1, the number … The fourth season of the High School DxD anime television series, titled High School DxD Hero, aired from April 10, 2018, adapts material from the ninth and tenth volumes of the light novel and is produced by Passione, directed by Yoshifumi Sueda, and written by Kenji Konuta. Objective: Make a lasting impression on Sairaorg Bael and his peerage. She was born with an abundance of talent in almost all areas and … "We shall begin with the first match, Kings, please take the dice and hold it," Rudiger said. The son of Lord Bael and Misla Bael, Sairaorg is the heir to the clan. Rudiger, who was the arbiter of this match, nodded and looked at everyone, "Now then, Sairaorg Bael's team, Rias Gremory's team, the Rating Games for both teams... is now open!" In the light novel, it was explained that each piece has a value. ... "Ah, (y/n)" Rias said, "sorry to interrupt your fun but I'd like to introduce you to my cousin, Sairaorg Bael the heir to the Bael family" "So, you're (y/n)" Sairaorg said, "I heard about what happened, I've came here with a solution … "Okay, its working, now to find Naruto." Grigori. Join Date: Feb 2012. In fact, Issei's prowess in hand-to-hand combat is shown when he went toe-to-toe with Sairaorg Bael, a fellow master martial artist in a fist fight. While the combatant Rias Gremory's team has 7 members left! Underworld. … [That is interesting!] alongside Akeno. But that strike didn't hit her. Gets healed after each battle. PIS/CIS off. Zeoticus Gremory is the … He is participating in the Azazel Cup under Team Imperial Purpure as Sairaorg's Rook. But there is a problem, Xin's peerage is not valued based on what kind of piece they have the value based on strength. Location: Red Hero garden. Pawn is 1, Knights and Bishops are 3, Rook is 5, while Queen is 9. High-Class Devil. ... (True Queen) - Duration: 13:03. Ultimate-class Devil promotion Sairaorg Bael Seegvaira Agares Rias Gremory Sona Sitri High-class Devil Promotion: Regulus, Seekvaira's Queen, Akeno, Kiba, Koneko, Gasper, Tsubaki, Saji, Rossweisse, Asia, Xenovia, Kuroka An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works [Now, the game might have gone past the mid-game! King. is the main female protagonist of the series. This is unusual given how close they are to each other but in … -It's Ise's victory. She is a 13 year old student who is 3rd year at Kuoh Academy and is the Academy's number one idol.