Björk Working With the Haxan Cloak for Her New Album

Our Iceland lovely  Björk is hard at work on the follow-up to 2011’s Biophilia, and on Tuesday, the Haxan Cloak revealed that he would be lending his eerie electronic musings to the Icelandic singer’s upcoming album. British producer Bobby Krlic took his stage name from Häxan, a 1922 silent film about witchcraft and demonic possession, released records on Latitudes and Aurora Borealis before signing to Tri Angle, who released his  and has proved his musical clout with disturbingly good album’s like 2013’s Excavation, his third album.

Spin Magazine stated: “We’re excited and also a little afraid of what Krlic’s going to bring to Björk’s signature outlandish music, but the producer seems excited about the collaboration.”

In the announcement tweet, Krlic described the chance to work with the icon as an “honour.”

A few weeks ago, there were reports that she was working with Arca, the Venezuelan-born and New York-based producer. Arca, who specializes in dessicated deconstructions of apocalyptic dance music and who worked with Kanye West on Yeezus, issued a clarifying statement on Twitter.

Between Arca’s dark futurism and The Haxan Cloak’s string heavy,  metal-influenced foreboding, Björk’s next album seems bound to be an arrestingly dark listen.


Source: SPIN

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