Raised in Hong Kong, and then passed through San Francisco, Montreal and Berlin, the young trip hop / downtempo lady has seen the world and hopes to conquer it. Her name is Bonnie Li and she knows how to make herself heard, in English or in Mandarin; to bring out the important messages on the status of women, gender, or sexuality, that lie behind her music.

Meanwhile a first album is planned this year, the duo Air Bonnie Li, that she forms with Elia M, releases in February a third EP entitled Plane-Crash. An ironic title as her career seems not only safe from flight accidents, but destined to always have a little bit more of altitude, which marks a neat transition toward a darkest sound and more eclectic, melancholic atmospheres.

BONNIE LI- PLANE CRASH- cover-webThe refined work on the vocal loops allows her to pronounce lullabies and plaints, as well as to combine soft and harrowing timbres together- all those vibes are mostly steeped in sorrow and anger.

Plane-Crash is definitely a rupture album for Bonnie Li: it plays of bewitching pianos, weighted beats and hypnotic sound synthesis to disclose a new appearance of the Voodoo Doll.

The three tracks, fitted with subtle arrangements and precise mix, are accompanied by a powerful remix, contribution of the talented Al’Tarba.

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