Elsiane: “Our music is a melting pot of very different styles”

Elsiane is one of those bands I found when searching for new music to listen. Thanks to the vast internet, I downloaded a copy of Hybrid from the late brazilian blog TripHopX, which pointed to a pirate link on megaupload. After listening, became fully in love with the sound. Elsiane is the name of a musical duo composed of Peruvian singer and songwriter Elsieanne Caplette and drummer Stephane Sotto. They are currently based on Montreal, Canada.

1456655-10151687368847391-1318083150-nI asked for some time with them to ask some questions and let Triptica people to know a little bit more of the minds behind this band.

Triptica: How did you started making music as a duo? How did you meet up?

Elsiane: We started making music in 1999, after meeting through an add in the Montreal Mirror (a local newspaper). We realized that we had similar influences, but very different musical backgrounds and thought it would be worth starting a project together. We started working on songs from the very beginning and eventually it just blossomed into something a lot bigger.

T: And after that… how you became “Elsiane”?

E: We became Elsiane in 2005 after writing and recording Hybrid. We thought it would be a good name for the project.

T: What is the main inspiration for your music?

E: The main inspiration for making music is directly related to a kind of self therapy. The songs are usually inspired by Elsieanne’s personal past and present experiences. We both feel the need to find a place where we can let out our emotions deep inside ourselves. We make music for ourselves in the end and hope that it comes from m the heart. I think that this is the best way for us to communicate to our audiences.

T: What are you favorite songs ever?

E: To list our favorite songs ever would be too difficult to answer, we always have new favorite songs. But here are some of my favorites of the month; Somewhat Damaged (NIN), Reflection (Tool), Alberto Balsam (Aphex Twin), Ectatic Shock (Squarepusher), La Mer (NIN), Land of Confusion (Genesis)

T: How do you feel about the term TRIP HOP?

E:We feel pretty uncomfortable with the term Trip Hop. I think that we got lumped into that musical category by people who were trying to define our style from our first album. I personally don’t really connect with categorical terms or definitions. We are pretty sure that our style is unique in it’s own right and we are constantly trying to grow musically with every album. I don’t feel it is Trip Hop at all. Our music is a melting pot of very different styles.

T: Besides playing on Elsiane, do you have other projects?

E: Elsiane has always been the primary focus, we still work on some side projects and collaborations. We also work on other contracts and soundtracks, but there is not much room for other projects right now.

T: What are the main future plans for Elsiane?

E: Our immediate future plans are to release our third album. Right now we are in the middle of doing a bunch of different things like writing, recording, filming and also playing a few shows. Our future plans are to continue making music.

T: On last months, you have been traveling a lot, playing live on Peru and Mexico. How is the response of latinoamerica for your music?

E: Latin America has been a great experience and we have gotten a great response, the people are very warm and passionate about our music. We feel like they really understand where we are coming from and show their love in pretty deep way. We are always surprised to see how much they show us their love.

T: Elsiane was one of the judges on the Russian “Metagalaxy” festival last year. Do you think there could be
an american version of this kind of trip hop festival?

E: We were asked to be a part of the MetaGalaxy festival, we don’t really know if there will be an American version of this, that would be up to the producers and promoters of these kinds of events. I think it might make sense to have a festival like that in America.

T: What do you think about the artists that let their music be downloaded for free?

E: The downloading issue is one that is complicated. Today people make their own choices and cannot be told how or where to find their music. If artists want to give their music away for free, it’s fine, I don’t really care. People will find a way to get it for free anyway.

Of Course for us, in the beginning it was a difficult pill to swallow since people will never understand the work that goes into the creation of an album and you can’t help but feel a bit ripped off if someone get’s it for free. But we need to accept the times and adapt to the situation that gets presented to us. This is hard to do, but we feel that we are reaching a greater audience with the internet. Many people have discovered us through the internet in countries we wouldn’t have imagined.

T: How many cows are in Canada?

E: I have now idea how many cows are in Canada! Google might tell you!

(Media reference for this stupid question can be found here)

T: And to close… What would you say to your fans all across the world?

E: Thanks to all our fans who have shown their love and support, we love you and we are working hard on creating new music for you to enjoy. Our primary goal is to share our music with everyone in hopes that it will inspire and help people in their lives. Music has a strong healing power and we realized that our purpose is to try to make the kind of music that will change
people’s lives.

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