To find out who counts as a dependant, and how to apply, please see the UKCISA website. Applying for a Student route visa outside the UK. The UK operates an immigration system underpinned by the principle of visa sponsorship. In this situation you will still need to make an application to regularise your status in the UK post-Brexit, but you will have a choice to make an application under the EU Settlement Scheme or under the UK Immigration rules. EEA citizens will only be able to make an immigration application as a Student from inside the UK from 11pm on 31 December 2020. Graduate Immigration Route: a UK post-study work visa for international students. If you are proving 5 years’ continuous residency in the UK to apply for settled status you can use a dated and signed letter from the institution confirming registration, attendance and, if applicable, completion on a course of study with the relevant dates. If you hold a current Tier 4/Student visa sponsored by the University of Cambridge and are continuing onto a new course at Cambridge, you can start your new course on your current visa. If you're on a full-time Student visa, your family or friends may be able to apply to join you in the UK, but must follow a different process from you. As part of the University’s Student visa responsibilities, we are required to report on the status of all issued CAS numbers. A change in student status can have an impact on your visa and may also affect the visas of any dependants you have in the UK and consequently their eligibility to work here. Protecting your Student status. Making a Student route application in the UK. Visitors. Students' union sabbatical officers. The pilot student visa allows six additional months for the students to find a job after the completion of the course. If you apply from outside the UK for a Tier 4 Student visa you will need to pay £33 Dependants. Your institution has sponsor licence problems Passport, visa and BRP problems. Dependants. Immigration on arrival. Students can use a student status letter as evidence of current residency in the UK in order to apply for pre-settled status. Types of student visa Student visa (previously Tier 4 visa) If you are 16 or over and want to study at higher education level, you’ll need to apply for a student visa through the Student Route. Criteria: 1. Visa refusals in the UK and overseas. Dependants. Naturally, applying for a UK student visa carries a certain fee which may depend on your nationality and the type of visa you’re willing to get. You MUST attend your biometrics appointment and obtain your Student visa before coming to the UK. Short-term student visa. The Graduate Immigration Route is a new visa available for eligible international students. International students requiring further information on visas and immigration can contact the International Student Visa Advice Team. If you were not living in the UK before the end of the transition period, you will need to apply for a Student Visa to study in the UK from January 2021. Making a Student route application in the UK. Both LSE and you have some key responsibilities. Travelling abroad. From 5 October 2020, the Student Route has replaced the Tier 4 Route. Immigration on arrival. Please visit the GOV.UK student visa page to apply for a visa, or for more information. To be eligible for this visa you must: hold a valid Tier 4/Student visa for PhD studies at Cambridge at the time of application; be inside the UK and able to make your visa application from within the UK; be a current student; complete a University declaration and make a £50 payment; A spouse visa is one of the most popular options of visa that is applied for, because it has some of the best benefits. Arriving via Ireland. Immigration on arrival. If you are a non-EEA national in the UK on a visa type other than Tier 4 you should check that you have the right to work before seeking employment. Making a Student route application in the UK. Working in the UK. Passport, visa and BRP problems. Students' union sabbatical officers. What is the criteria for the Graduate Immigration Route? Student Visa Conditions; How to Apply; Changing Mode of Attendance (MOA) See also; Eligibility. This will depend on your student visa immigration status and they type of degree you will be studying at Kingston University. The Student Route falls under the UK's new points-based immigration system. For updates and information about the coronavirus (Covid-19) including visa implications e.g. Passport, visa and BRP problems. Students' union sabbatical officers. The first step is finding an appropriate course to study at a licensed UK university or higher education institution. Types of student visa Tier 4 (General) student visas . If you attend our pre-departure briefing, you will pick up more handy tips on your visa application. In 2018, 6,300 individuals moved from student visas to skilled work visas, meaning they have officially been offered a job paying at least £20,800 in the first year. Applying for a Student route visa outside the UK. How much does it cost to get a student visa in UK? Immigration on arrival. Arriving via Ireland. Passport, visa and BRP problems. If not, or if you are unclear about this, you can contact the Student Immigration Advice Team by using the contact form for further assistance. If your student visa application is refused – either in the UK or overseas - you should notify your college or department immediately with a copy of the refusal notice. Short-term student visa. You can apply for a student visa up to six months before your course starts. I am an existing EU student who applied for the EUSS and successfully obtain pre-settled status but left the UK in March 2020 due to Covid 19 and restricted campus access. Dependants. Visitors. Eligibility. … Protecting your Student status. Differences between your Spouse Visa and Tier 4 Student Visa once you’re Married. Making a Student route application in the UK. Passport, visa and BRP problems. Applying for a Student route visa outside the UK. Visitors. Find out how to get the right visa to travel abroad. Protecting your Student status. You can also seek their advice before suspending if you wish. You can also find out more about staying in the UK to work after your studies. Protecting your Student status. Passport, visa and BRP problems. Your institution has sponsor licence problems On arrival in the UK; Tier 4 Responsibilities; Student Visa Time Limits; Lost Passports & BRPs; Immigration Advice Sessions; Working whilst studying ; Student Visa Attendance; COVID-19 UKVI Temporary Guidance; Renewals and extensions; EU Students; Change of Status for Student Visa Students. Your student visa. Short-term student visa. Making a Student route application in the UK. Short-term student visa. A visa under the Student route is issued to study in the UK. The ‘Your Tier 4/Student visa responsibilities’ tab below outline each of these responsibilities in a little more detail. Change of programme. Your student visa will allow you to live and study in the UK throughout your course. You will need to make a new application for permission to stay in the UK within 6 weeks of the official start date of the course or prior to your current visa expiring, whichever is earlier. If you have settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, you do not need to apply for a visa. An explanation about your visa conditions, including working, travel, family visits, renewing, extending and changes to your student status. Some students can have family with them in the UK as their dependants. Students' union sabbatical officers. It is advised that you use the Self-Help Tool below to check what the visa implications are for your intended change of course before you continue. Email: . Visitors. Will I lose my status if I return to campus after January 2021? Dependants. We have a dedicated team who will support you with the visa process and will provide you with the documentation you need. Students' union sabbatical officers. Your institution has sponsor licence problems Immigration on arrival. You CANNOT come to the UK as a visitor and switch visa status. Last year, the pilot student visa was introduced in the UK with a limited number of universities in the list, however, the UK Government is planning to extend the pilot student visa scheme to additional 23 universities in the coming year. If your number includes a 0 at the beginning, you do not need to include this in the UK visa status form. Payment Reference Number. Read more about UK spouse visa applications. studying remotely, travel restrictions, quarantine implications, visa expiration see the University's webpage. Finding out whether you need a visa to study is easy - simply check here on GOV.UK. In conjunction with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) rules, the University has set out several responsibilities which Tier 4 or Student visa holders must follow throughout your time studying at the University of Aberdeen. Arriving via Ireland. Immigration on arrival. Student Letters for Status Confirmation. For example, 12345678. Students' union sabbatical officers. Short-term student visa. Your institution has sponsor licence problems The UK student visa application process differs slightly depending on the type of UK student visa you are applying for. Visitors. Visitors. Arriving via Ireland. Applying for a Student route visa outside the UK. Students at the University are often able to work while studying. If you’re applying in the UK as a Student or Child Student (including Tier 4 student), UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) may be able to reuse your fingerprints. Short-term student visa. If you hold a valid F-1 or M-1 student visa and you wish to travel to the United States to undertake or resume your studies or Optional Practical Training (OPT), you do not require a national interest exception in order to travel to the United States. Students receive a 25 per cent discount on the usual cost of this surcharge - so the rate for student visa holders is £470 per year. The Tier 4 compliance office will contact you to discuss the potential impact on your visa. The sponsor for immigration purposes is the educational institution where the student will study and the visa is issued for a particular course at the institution. The UK government is launching a new Graduate Immigration Route for international students from summer 2021. Full information on the UK student visa application processes is available on the UK Visas and Immigration website here. We advise that you contact the UCL Student Immigration Advice Team to discuss the requirements and benefits of each route. Protecting your Student status. A change of course may require you to apply for a new Student visa. Arriving via Ireland. Furthermore, the student visa fee scheme changes from time to time so you must always check the official sources. Bringing your family to visit or live with you in the UK. Normally this will be stated on your visa. This applies even if you were issued with a national interest exception in the past. If you are studying on a Tier 4/Student visa, you must ensure that you satisfy the Home Office terms and conditions of your immigration permission for the duration of your visa. Making a Student route application in the UK. Your institution has sponsor licence problems Your institution has sponsor licence problems After you have submitted payment for your application, you should receive a payment reference number that you can use to track the status of your uk visa application. Information on the type of visa you require and how to apply before you arrive, this also includes advice and requirements for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals. Protecting your Student status. This is a legal obligation and failure to do so may result in LSE withdrawing its sponsorship of you. The deadline for reassessment for 2020 entry has passed. Applying for a Student route visa outside the UK. Dependants. We are now processing Fee Classification Questionnaires for 2021 entry. Arriving via Ireland. Change of Course Self Help Tool Highly likely to be awarded / successfully complete (undergraduate students only) Tier 4 visas holders requesting a letter to include in their application to extend their Tier 4 UK visa from within the UK to study on a new programme at the LSE or another institution. Applying for a Student route visa outside the UK. The new Student route opened at 9 a.m. on 5 October 2020 for applications made outside the UK only from EEA nationals coming to the UK from 1 January 2021 to study a course which meets the requirements of the route. You must make sure you have the appropriate visa before you travel. Changes in your student status may affect your Student visa status.

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