Exclusive: GhostsDream debuts with a stunning video

Los Angeles-based duo GhostsDream have released their debut music video, for their new single, “Contact feat Julia A.” Los Angeles singer/songwriter Julia A.’s haunting voice shines clear as a bell over the Massive Attack-meets-Pink Floyd palette; well suited to the subject matter of alienation and loneliness.

GhostsDream’s signature moody groove serves as perfect bedfellow for Julia A.’s soaring vocal, and the delicate interplay between theremin, lap steel, piano and sub-sonic boom evokes and conflates different eras of production, with subsequent listens in headphones sure to reveal something not heard previously.

gd1The video was shot in an intimate speakeasy, at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, by director Michael Kallio of DarkArt Entertainment. Multi-instrumentalists Michael Madill and Edward Donnelly are seen playing behind vocalist/co-writer Julia A. as she brings the lyrics to life in Kallio’s inspired, flickering edit.

“We had been hesitant to put any of our music onscreen until Michael Kallio brought us his vision for this track. Working not only with Kallio and his crew, but getting to backup a truly photogenic and striking singer like Julia was very inspiring,” Donnelly said. “We’re very fortunate to have such great collaborators,” added Madill.

In addition to YouTube, the track can found at:

GhostsDream Station on Pandora

GhostsDream Station on Apple Music

And streamed on

Spotify, RDIO, Deezer

Twitter  @GhostsDream

Instagram @GhostsDream


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