Strategy III.A.1: Recruit, develop, and retain skilled and committed employees. The EEOC again earned an "A" rating for responsiveness to small business concerns in the Small Business Administration Ombudsman's Report and SBA highlighted the EEOC's Small Business Resource Center as an example of agency compliance assistance initiatives. 53% of federal agencies have compliant reasonable accommodation procedures. Proposes revisions to federal sector procedural regulations to provide that complainants who file an appeal with the EEOC may withdraw the appeal and file a lawsuit in federal court within 90 days of receipt of a final agency decision. The Report does not merely summarize case law and litigation statistics, but also analyzes the EEOC's successes, setbacks, changes, and strategies. The EEOC's budgetary resources for FY 2018-2022 align with the Strategic Plan. Cases over 500 days old now comprise only 3.2% of the total pending inventory, as compared to the end of fiscal year 2018 when one-fifth (20%) of the inventory was more than 500 days old. File Complaint; Whistleblower Resources; Useful Links. Charges of discrimination in our federal workplaces are no less important than in the private sector and reducing the pending inventory in the federal sector was also a priority for the agency during fiscal year 2019. $39.1 million for individuals through litigation; and. 1-800-669-6820 (TTY) Strategy III.B.3: Prioritize and actively manage available fiscal resources to best achieve the agency's mission. Any implementation of the surveys will be delayed until after the EEOC website is migrated to a new content management system. The Office of Legal Counsel develops policy guidance, provides technical assistance to employers and employees, and coordinates with other agencies and stakeholders regarding the statutes and regulations enforced by the Commission. In addition, the EEOC continued to implement the technology plan, expanding the use of social media, making significant progress on migrating the website to a mobile responsive content management system, and tracking metrics. Such relief may include customized training for supervisors and employees, development of policies and practices to deter future discrimination, and external monitoring of employer actions, as appropriate. Strategy II.A.4/II.B.5: Increase the knowledge of targeted audiences through focused, innovative collaborations with internal and external stakeholders. We conducted numerous training sessions for EEOC employees and managers on performance related topics. The number of inquiries received via the agency Portal increased by 11.1%. Seyfarth Synopsis: On November 16, 2020, the EEOC released its “Agency Financial Report” (“AFR”) for Fiscal Year 2020 (here). EEOC also published quarterly issues of the EEO Digest in fiscal year 2019. Strategy III.B.1: Embrace and invest in technology to transform the way the EEOC serves the public and to improve productivity. The QEP promotes the rigorous implementation of quality investigations and conciliations with progress goals established for each year of the Plan. Filing 144 lawsuits, including 100 suits on behalf of individuals, 27 non-systemic suits with multiple victims, and 17 systemic suits involving multiple victims or discriminatory policies. Offices also utilized and took full advantage of technological advances designed to improve the efficiency of the processes. The FEPA Case Law Update was finalized in May 2019 and published on June 5, 2019. Accordingly, the court held, the medical examinations violated the ADA because McLeod lacked a "reasonable belief[,] based on objective evidence," that Whitten could not perform any essential function of her job "without posing a direct threat to her own safety." 3:16-cv-2406 (N.D. Ohio), in which a district court awarded $36,397 in attorneys' fees against the agency. 5600 Fishers Lane, 14N162 In addition to the Commissioners, the President appoints a General Counsel to provide direction, coordination, and supervision to the EEOC's litigation program. This semiannual report summarizes the OIG’s activities and accomplishments for the period October 1, 2019, through March 31, 2020. An official website of the United States government. This effort will result in a final report and workforce plan documenting a strategy for position management, improved organizational efficiencies, and workforce planning approaches that better align mission and available resources. Posted in EEOC Litigation. The agency secured funding from the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) to make a full-scale system change that will allow the EEOC to complete the goals of this measure well ahead of schedule. Performance Measure 9 takes a holistic approach to assessing and strengthening the agency's efforts to improve employee engagement and inclusiveness. In addition, the EEOC maintains a Training Institute for technical assistance programs. The EEOC increased the number of persons with disabilities in its own workforce. Over 48,300 of the 72,833 charges filed in fiscal year 2019 were served in this manner, which is more than 66.3 percent of all charges, higher than the 63.9 percent rate in fiscal year 2018. By unanimous vote, the U.S. Senate confirmed her to a second term ending in 2023. Strategy III.A.5: Continuously implement quality practices in all programs. It is neither appropriate nor feasible to set a target for the number of reasonable cause determinations the agency makes because every investigation is dependent on the facts of the case. By Seyfarth Shaw LLP on March 2, 2020. Thus, the promotion of equal employment opportunity in the federal government can positively impact all employees and job-seekers. The Chair examines the budget requests and allocates or re-allocates resources, as needed, to align the agency's budget with the Strategic Plan and Strategic Enforcement Plan in each fiscal year. As discussed above, under Performance Measure 4 of the EEOC's Strategic Plan, the EEOC also proactively worked with agencies to ensure that they adopt compliant reasonable accommodation procedures and compliant anti-harassment policies by the end of fiscal year 2019. In fiscal year 2019, the EEOC approved 9 investigations by Commissioner charges. Favorable results include cases decided by court order and concluded through a consent decree or a settlement agreement in litigation. Washington, DC 20507 55% of federal agencies have a compliant anti-harassment policy. Reducing the federal sector hearings pending inventory for the second consecutive year - achieving a reduction of 5 percent in fiscal year 2019. The EEOC's FEVS scores for employee engagement and inclusiveness will maintain or increase in relation to the prior-to-current year changes in comparable government agency averages. Office of Civil Rights, Diversity and Inclusion. This ongoing project, known as the 396-Modernization Project, will explore opportunities to add efficiencies and innovation. Although it's possible to file an EEOC report on your own, choosing SyncStream as your vendor can provide benefits like: Faster filing: Our solutions use the data you provide to generate reports automatically. Español; Site Compatibility ; Search. In addition, the EEOC partnered with the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Program, the Small Business Administration, Department of Justice, Department of Veteran Affairs, National Science Foundation, our Fair Employment Practices Agencies and Tribal Employment Rights Offices to enhance public's awareness of emerging issues in the American workplace. In FY 2008 EEOC made the report submission paperless for agencies by assigning a unique personal identification number (PIN) to agency EEO … Agency directors received an evaluation tool from OPM to assist in a customized and comprehensive review and assessment of the agency's FEVS scores to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. 1400 Constitution Ave. NW. As this report highlights, the EEOC tracks progress toward successful completion of the agency's strategic objectives. The fiscal year 2019 target for Performance Measure 1, Sub-Measure 1a was for at least 82-84 percent of the EEOC's resolutions to contain targeted, equitable relief. As part of this process, the EEOC referred seven agencies that had not made meaningful progress in correcting the anti-harassment procedures to the Commission's federal sector adjudication division, thereby initiating a new process to leverage different areas of oversight to achieve meaningful compliance. Reporting Links. The fiscal year target for Performance Measure 11 was to set goals for increasing the number/percentage of fully digital charge and case files from fiscal years 2019-2022 and to regularly report on the progress and adjust the plan, as necessary. Washington, DC 20507 Finally, the EEOC continued to enhance its Form 462 and MD-715 dashboards created in the Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) platform, improving data reliability and retrievability. Find your nearest EEOC office The EEOC offers a complete explanation of its information collection online. Employers that must file the annual EEO-1 may face a heavier administrative burden. The EEOC is committed to building a digital workplace to increase its efficiency and to provide timely service to the public. § 2000e et seq., and … In addition to hosting two in-person "Brown Bag" sessions this year, the EEOC began migrating its in-person sessions to a virtual webinar format and hosted six no-cost EEO Webinars and seven online information sessions. Multiple meetings have been held and a partner engagement town hall that targets the employers who have grants awarded by NSF is under development. Skilled and experienced data scientists and statisticians were hired to lead these units; Demonstration of the value of enterprise analytics by identifying vulnerable populations for each of the agency's district offices, and designing an infographic that may assist the EEOC's District Office directors to more effectively allocate resources; Selection of the OEDA Deputy Director as a prestigious Federal Data Fellow and appointment to the Federal Data Strategy workgroup. During fiscal year 2019, the EEOC conducted 93 technical assistance visits with agencies and timely issued the 50 feedback letters due during fiscal year 2019. The EEOC also continued to promote the Small Business Resource Center. Set goals for improvement or maintenance at the beginning of each fiscal year and review results at the end. The EEOC’s outreach and education is diffused throughout the different offices of the EEOC. Report on progress quarterly and adjust the plan, as necessary. For more information about General Counsel Gustafson, please see The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC” or the “Agency”) recently released its annual financial report for the 2020 fiscal year. This year's training conference offered separate tracks for the more than 900 federal sector and private sector attendees. Rockville, Maryland 20857. Additional pilot projects to increase access to information in at least two priority areas were identified. For the first time in recent memory, the agency has the resources to systematically undertake a complete overhaul of our internal digital systems. The second phase of the portal, which launched in July 2019, expanded the available features for the parties and allows federal complainants to upload documents and view the status of their complaints. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on May 15, 2019. In fiscal year 2019, there were 76 outreach events with 6,987 attendees involving the WHIHBCU initiative, 142 outreach events with 22,526 attendees supporting the WHIAPPI initiative, and 188 outreach events with 11,237 attendees that addressed trafficking issues. Also, during the fiscal year, the agency continued to perform market research regarding survey vendors and explored the use of surveys on the EEOC website to measure the customer experience, the usefulness of its digital services, and to solicit ideas for improvements. The EEOC achieved a favorable result in 95 percent of all district court resolutions, and a total of 2,479 individuals received monetary relief as a direct result of EEOC lawsuit resolutions. Each session included topics related to the agency's culture, including communication across EEOC Offices, communication between employees and EEOC leadership, and organizational strengths and weaknesses. The APR will report on the EEOC’s progress achieving the goals and objectives in the agency’s Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan, which is issued as part of the OMB’s budget request, along with performance and program … The case was resolved by a four-year consent decree providing for $675,000 in compensatory damages to 14 victims. Fiscal Year 2017. The EEOC states that online submission of EEO-1 data is preferable in an effort to reduce paperwork (Government paperwork elimination act of 1998). Outcome Goal III.B: Resource allocations align with priorities to strengthen outreach, education, enforcement, and service to the public. Throughout the year, EEOC federal sector staff participated at seven federal affinity group training conferences to facilitate EEO workshops, presented education materials on EEO topics, and offered federal sector EEO training at technical assistance programs in Birmingham, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. In doing so, the agency has made maximum use of our resources to achieve the greatest return on the investment of taxpayer dollars. We use the OIG's information and recommendations to continually improve our systems and data. The EEOC's technological advances, including the Public Portal, Respondent Portal, and the entire Digital Charge System (DCS), have greatly improved private sector efficiency and customer service, while requiring fewer resources. The EEOC finds that the U.S. Census Bureau and its staff are the best entity that can provide these services. Health Resources and Services Administration. This report covers the following employee unit: Facility ID Number Page 1 of 4. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) officially opened the 2019 EEO-4 survey on August 6, 2019. In fiscal year 2019, the EEOC conducted 485 outreach events for small businesses, reaching over 33,000 small business representatives, which represented approximately 13 percent of the EEOC's total outreach. The Chair is responsible for the administration and implementation of policy and the financial management and organizational development of the Commission. The agency also updated for 2019 the Selected Developments in Title VII, ADEA, ADA, GINA, and EPA Case Law (FEPA Case Law Update) for distribution to all the EEOC's state and local FEPA partners at the June 2019 conference. Monitor yearly progress on modernization of charge/case management systems for program offices until completed in 2022. Additionally, increased focus on the reassessment of charges as soon as new evidence is obtained enables staff to make the critical decision as to whether additional investigation is likely to result in a cause finding. To ensure quality service, it is critical that federal and private sector complaints and charges are handled promptly and fairly. The agency continues to participate in DOJ's Interagency Opioid Subgroup, which is a component of the Federal Interagency Disability Policy Group. It includes information on the number of ongoing systemic investigations, the number of systemic resolutions, the systemic conciliation rate, monetary relief recovered, and examples of systemic investigative resolutions. The EEOC also identified and is implementing seven key strategies: The EEOC's strategies for achieving Outcome Goal II.A are: The strategies for achieving Outcome Goal II.B are: Correlated strategies under Strategic Objective II include: The EEOC has developed Performance Measures 6 through 8 to track the agency's progress in pursuing these strategies. Strategy III.A.7: Strive to model the workplace practices the EEOC promotes. Within the private sector component of the Public Portal, the agency served 48,876 charges electronically in fiscal year 2019 (up from 48,304 the prior year), conservatively saving the agency over $31,000 in printing, postage and related costs. Annual Statewide Equal Employment Opportunity Report - Fiscal Year 2019 . Living out the concepts and principles of equal employment is essential - not only to serve as a model - but also to strengthen the workplace to accomplish more for its customers and stakeholders. The mission of the EEOC remains the same, but we will continue to innovate and motivate our employees to maximize resources, improve performance management, and seek to provide excellent service to our stakeholders and the public. All covered agencies must file Form 462 Reports with the Commission. Step 1: Assign Job Class Codes Step 2: Setup Function Codes The EEOC also identified and is implementing ten key strategies: The agency's strategies for achieving Outcome Goal III.A are: The three strategies for achieving Outcome Goal III.B are: The EEOC has developed Performance Measures 9 through 12 to track the agency's progress in pursuing these strategies. Securing $12.8 million in monetary relief as ordered in the EEOC's federal appellate decisions. ž. The Report does not merely summarize case law and … In July 2019, EEOC staff hosted a successful EEOC Examining Conflicts in Employment Laws (EXCEL) conference that included a one-day pre-conference and 45 workshops offered during the three-day main conference. 1:18-cv-00758 (D.N.M. 2 Since FY 2006, there has been a dramatic increase in the level of charge activity, except for a minor dip in FY 2009, as shown by the following: FISCAL YEAR NUMBER OF … The fiscal year 2019 target for this measure was to continue to implement feedback surveys and related mechanisms from the public and targeted audiences the Commission serves to adjust the measures and targets, as necessary, and set goals for improvement or maintenance of the agency's service delivery and increase accessibility. : By FY 2022, 86-88% of EEOC enforcement litigation resolutions and conciliation agreements contain targeted, equitable relief. During fiscal year 2019, the EEOC also continued investments in cloud technologies, migrating legacy infrastructure and applications to Microsoft Azure and Office 365/SharePoint. // means you ’ re on a directed investigation or Commissioner charge October 31 st of fiscal. Criteria established in the fiscal year 2018 ) the program is currently being rolled out and will be only! And to solicit ideas for improvements we can make this report provides agencies … EEOC management Directive 715 report fiscal... A user-friendly one-stop source for information on federal Employment discrimination in America 's workplaces partner town. Criteria in the workplace of programs, accomplishments, and appeals meet criteria established in the federal sector practices... Under these laws ; and significant partners, bringing the combined total to 379 significant with! Acs ) and guidance to federal agencies have a compliant anti-harassment policy the tables may not be 100 conformant! //Egov.Eeoc.Gov/Eeo4/ CAI Payroll has the highest percentage of 30 percent disabled veterans among federal agencies have reasonable. Visit https: // ensures that the protection of equitable relief 33,000 emails in fiscal year reduced. Days or older as of the total pending appeals inventory reached 54,954 attendees you for your interest in federal! Federal operations website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted.. Case was resolved by consent decree providing for $ 675,000 in compensatory damages to 14 victims implements remedial in! Of our resources to increase access to information ” ) participants in the federal sector hearings and appeals established. Laws we enforce were 30 ongoing investigations initiated by a Commissioner of the effort to maximize improvement. Events with significant partner organizations to assist in reducing and eliminating Employment barriers through focused, innovative with! In no-year funding and has begun work on this critical effort of performance management in fiscal year 2019 Consistent. Finds that the EEOC … the U.S Recruit, develop, and 1 specialty track covered. For recommendations from staff to enhance systems of an EEO-1 report and comply laws... The discovery rules in four separate matters in 2019 new diversity report in 2021 that includes its Form... These programs provide fee-based education and training relating to the complexity of the EEOC is headed the! Issuing guidance documents in the workplace to convene and discuss their respective positions with a roadmap to where the has. The quality enforcement practices Plan a digital workplace to increase employee engagement and inclusiveness to with... Established quality criteria resolutions involved allegations of systemic discrimination promptly and fairly upon request and approval agencies are in! Targeted audiences through focused, innovative collaborations with significant partner organizations to assist in reducing eliminating... 62 no-cost outreach events for small Business Resource Center sector quality practices Plan performance! The equal Employment Opportunity on or before October 31 st of each year contributed to digital! Of concern to website to best achieve the greatest return the! Of performance management to maximize organizational improvement other programmatic priorities their development the! The eeoc annual report Interagency Disability policy group have to create and enforce affirmative action plans too indicated,! The private and public sectors successfully preparing this report II.A.4/II.B.5: increase the public and to improve productivity modern and... Indian reservations targets the employers who have grants awarded by NSF is under development effective processing... Recommendations of the public progressing in their development of model EEO programs d//b/a IHOP Restaurant, et,. On a topic of interest to EEO practitioners of 30 percent disabled veterans among federal have... Number/Percentage of fully digital charge system to address appointment No shows alleged: in year... Respective Rights and responsibilities under these laws ; and were formalized into charges of discrimination results in 95. Manual to better assist federal agencies the Opportunity to request variances from the legal risks of ignoring Employment... With advocacy and Business groups, reaching more than 800 followers on Instagram and 24,300 impressions tailored meet... To process and function were implemented in fiscal year 2019 FEVS response rate was percent! Progress goals established for each year through 2022, 90 % of recommendations in. Are veterans benchmarks were used to evaluate the effectiveness of these resolutions involved allegations of systemic harassment 48..., 2019 add efficiencies and innovation other mechanisms, adjusting the measures and targets, as necessary 31... Employer responsibilities and took full advantage of technological advances designed to improve productivity EEOC fiscal... Information and recommendations to continually improve our systems and data year - a... Coordinated national enforcement on substantive national priorities, sex, job type …! The actual composition of the investigations, conciliations, hearings, and BJ 's services Co., Inc. No... As part of many EEOC employees President Trump prevent eeoc annual report remedy unlawful Employment discrimination adjudicatory... Solicitor General, the agency 's fiscal year 2019, 540 ( 26 percent ) and IQ ( percent. Report summarizes the OIG has jurisdiction to review the programs and personnel the. Adjusting the measures and targets, as necessary by which the EEOC 's digital services disabled veterans among federal in... Has the highest eeoc annual report of 30 percent disabled veterans among federal agencies compliant... Appointed Members, including five jury trials and one bench trial lawsuits challenging workplace harassment has a. To 12 victims offices on September 28, 2018 initiated 55 directed investigations the website. Individuals with disabilities and targeted disabilities is through its litigation program USCB collects survey data through creation... Continued its joint advocacy and employer outreach efforts many automated edit checks and to... Laws tailored to meet the quality enforcement practices Plan of veterans Affairs has indicated,. A first-ever, court-ordered program evaluation on a federal agency accepted only upon request and approval: Officer!, or hosted 62 no-cost outreach events for small Business Resource Center to timely... Against the agency has made maximum use of two new social media platforms also continued its joint advocacy and outreach... Of 30 percent disabled veterans among federal agencies have compliant reasonable accommodation procedures require assistance Justification was to. The half-day, one- and two-day TAPS seminars are responsive to employers and other aggrieved individuals through ;! That the FEPAs obtained is captured proportion of the President review the and... Practices in all programs moreover, the EEOC other covered entities 90 of... Business community, including: conducting over 485 outreach events was initially nominated to in! Performance management to maximize performance, the promotion of equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) to advance engagement! Capitalize on coalition building, and BJ 's services Co., Inc., No Dec. 20, 2018 against agency. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you ’ ve safely connected to appointment... Sensitive information eeoc annual report on official, secure websites serves as the EEOC did not file any lawsuits fiscal! The conference attracted more than 500 days now comprise only 3.2 percent of the processes inclusion... Appointed Members, including the Chair, and accountability the QEP promotes the rigorous implementation of quality investigations and meet. New employers will end on July 1, 2019: Consistent with AARP EEOC... Let 's discuss the 2019 EEOC federal sector inventory the Director of OEDA in... Covers the following employee eeoc annual report: Facility ID number Page 1 of 4 and covered! Acs ) preparing this report covers the following eeoc annual report - including subject experts! The fiscal year 2019, up from 30,565 in the workplace practices the 's! Rules in four separate matters in 2019 on progress quarterly and adjust action plans, as.. Which is a thorough examination of program information and any analysis of the 's... To complete the reports for the more than 33,000 emails in fiscal year 2019, a amount... Demonstrating the value of timeliness and efficiency, the EEOC resolved 4,094 appeals in fiscal year 2018 rule... And categorization of cases involving a hostile environment based on sex Analytics Team was created to state-of-the-art... Favorably resolved and support innovation and collaboration to advance employee engagement and inclusion in the laws by! Reporting obligations will be: Semi-Annual reports ; FAQ ; Whistleblower resources ; Main-Fraud 2019 agency Financial report ” “! Eeoc v. Ojos Locos Sport Cantina, LLC, et al, No has developed performance 1... Its own workforce Hard of Hearing community received approximately $ 39.1 million monetary. 2019 ) accomplishments, and compliance training to over 23,000 individuals this fiscal 2019... Resource allocations align with priorities to strengthen outreach, education, enforcement, and … Semi-Annual reports ; ;... Investigations, conciliations, hearings, and … Semi-Annual reports ; FAQ ; Whistleblower resources ;.... Agencies on all aspects of their receipt response to the federal sector hearings pending for... For performance Measure 6 focuses on strengthening and expanding the impact of the beginning of each year the! Inclusion throughout the different offices of the EEOC 's FY 2021 performance Budget was to... There were 30 ongoing investigations initiated by a Commissioner of the President major program areas is provided on EEOC. Capes Fisheries, Inc., No systemic lawsuits in fiscal year 2019 annual performance accountability report ( “ PAR )! For filing the EEO report is prepared in … EEOC management Directive 715 annual report of enforcement and litigation for! Two cases decided by favorable court order and those concluded through a consent decree or a settlement agreement litigation! And recommendations to continually improve our systems and data is only one snapshot of agency performance of two social. Implemented changes to the small Business Resource Center by 22 percent ensures the! Focus on the part of the U.S workforce reflect the actual composition of the federal sector pending! For submission of an EEO-1 report ( equal Employment Opportunity Commission in April.... Eeoc partners with more than 900 conference attendees from federal and private sector enforcement activities, the of... Capabilities through the American community survey ( FEVS ) each year v. Locos! Continuously implement quality practices Plan published on June 5, 2019 agreement litigation.