That’s why we’ve teamed up with the folks at, You can’t go wrong with the classics; tomato, cheese and basil. Here’s one of our pizza topping ideas for vegan eaters or just anyone who wants to eat more veggies! A cheesy pizza is a delicacy we all deserve. Famdrop’s content editor and resident pizza expert, Louis, gives you 4 of the best vegan pizza toppings to satisfy any cravings you might have this January. Some offers require the purchase of multiple pizzas. As an alternative, use one pound of store-bought pizza dough, which you can divide by two to follow my recipe exactly (or just make one large pizza—that also works with store-bought dough). Healthy Vegetarian … Certain toppings may be excluded from special offer pizzas or require additional charge. Add a dash of the oil to loosen it up and stop it from drying out in the oven and then scatter on the pizza. Well, we’ve got something even better –. Today I can make a cauliflower pizza crust, top it with some greens, chickpea and some nutritional yeast and really enjoy it! Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes at 180ºC. I don’t like vegan soft cheeses on pizza and I don’t mind a pizza with no cheese. Pin. To make the mixture blanch your washed spinach in boiling water for a couple of minutes, and then squeeze out all excess moisture using a clean tea towel. Spinach and Artichoke Pizza My from-scratch pizza has a whole wheat crust flavored with beer. A lot of veggie pizza topping options are in the low-calorie cheese varieties. I’m sure you’ve all heard of spinach and ricotta as a classic combination you’ll find in pasta. Keep scrolling for 19 of our favorite veggie pizza recipes that you’ll want to make on repeat. There are different plant-based protein products available on the market and there’s plenty of ways to create your own.… Beetroot Base with Courgettes, Chantenay Carrots and Green                     Sauce. Then we’ll add the following. to classic Southern comfort food (OK...also her favorite). Use large mushrooms as the base for individual pizzas or experiment with bases made from cauliflower or zucchini. Finish with some cracked black pepper and a few more basil leaves. Plant-based protein . Okay so this is where we get to have a little fun and begin to experiment. Now for something altogether different. Here are some of my favorite healthy pizza recipes: Root-to-Top Carrot Pizza; Pesto and Fresh Tomato Pizza; Green Tomato and Caramelized Onion Pizza; Oyster Mushroom Pizza with Paprika and Chives; Beet Pesto Pizza with Goat Cheese and Fresh Herbs; Acorn Squash and Apple Pizza with Gruyere and Arugula ; Print Recipe. Adding oil at this stage will prevent the pizza from drying out. White Pizza with roasted peppers and parmesan flakes. Vegan Friendly Toppings. If you’re using … | click for the recipe . 240 to 300 Cals/slice . Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with a rack in the upper third of the oven. Our plant-based protein options have been made available through a strategic partnership with Yves Veggie Cuisine ... Because the more you know about what you’re eating, the easier it is to make smart choices. Pizza Recipes Dinner Recipes Cooking Recipes Healthy Recipes Dinner Ideas. To make the margherita simply chop up the cheddar style block into small cubes, then scatter them evenly over the pizza (we use about a handful and half per 10” base). Ultimate Guide: Vegan Pizza Topping Options - Veganos Kitchen Pizza Pizza voluntarily participates in the Informed Dining program. She'll roll up her sleeves to try any new recipe in the kitchen—from spicy Thai dishes (her favorite!) Pizza with zucchini and smoked scamorza. Quick Add . Season to taste. Some offers may be available online only. Save Pin. Creamy Garlic . Delicious pizza comes from the skills of the … If you plan on making your own pizza, or one of the pizza dough crusts, then you should definitely use low-calorie cheese in your pizza. 4. For the perfect vegetarian pizza topping, pair your cooked mushrooms with roasted garlic, cheese, kale and chopped mint. 3.3 Herbs & Spices; 4 What are Some Yummy Vegan Pizzas to Try? Vegan Pizza Toppings . When the pizza is out of the oven, pour the green sauce over so it’s evenly covered, throw on some garlic chives and finish with Aleppo Pul Biber Flakes. Starting from $11.99 . And with Violife’s vegan … Bake in the oven at 180ºC for 10-12 minutes. Eggplant isn’t among the most popular toppings in the United States, but it’s a favorite in Italy. You want the sauce to be drizzled over the pizza, so if it’s too viscous add a tad more oil, or a splash of water. We’re talkin’ squash, beets, strawberries — the list goes on. No triple toppings or extra cheese. Start with an original pizza crust and top it with fresh tomatoes, black olives, jalapeños, … These are the very best pizza toppings for vegetarians: Eggplant. We take pizza seriously and when our veggie-loving friends reached out to us, we partnered with Milwaukee WI based Vegan Chef Melanie Manuel to develop some fun, unique, and crave-able options. This herby, creamy vegan alternative is the perfect “cheese” to mix with spinach as the base. Our famous dipping sauce is now a pizza! 3. An easy way to use up frozen pizza dough is by making this vegetarian Spinach and Cheese Calzone. Though different, when combined, these toppings create a tasty pizza perfect in texture and flavor! Well, we’ve got something even better – Kinda Co’s vegan greek style feta. Grab the pre-made passata and spoon onto the middle of the pizza, spreading to the edges with the base of the ladle. The variations of vegetarian pizza are endless, especially if combined with any of our signature Flavored Crust®. View All. As you’ve probably noticed mushrooms tend to be the go-to meat replacement, and for good reason because they have that same meaty texture and umami taste. Many of us are always looking at ways in which we can have a healthier diet, but what about those moments when your willpower wanes, and you begin to crave that rich umami taste usually satisfied by meat or cheese? I’m sure you’ve all heard of spinach and ricotta as a classic combination you’ll find in pasta. Get the Spinach and Cheese Calzone Recipe. Bake in the oven at 180ºC for 10-12 minutes. Throw on top a handful of grated vegan mozzarella and then finish with a few pine nuts. Pizza toppings are normally placed upon a pizza in a specific order, not because it is tidy but because the pizza sauce keeps the pizza dough moist, the cheese then provides a bed for the toppings to rest on and they do not dry out or fall off as the pizza … Vegetarian Pizza Toppings These meat-free options are a tasty alternative to some traditional pies. Whack it in the oven at 180º for 10 minutes, finish with chopped parsley and cracked black pepper. And with Violife’s vegan cheddar style block, it’s still really easy to a delicious vegan Margherita. The Beyond Italian Sausage Pizza is a classic (dairy) cheese pizza topped with Beyond Meat Italian sausage crumbles, while the speciality The Great Beyond Pizza features dairy cheese, fresh veggie toppings that include tomatoes, sliced red onions, and tangy banana peppers, the plant-based Italian sausage, and is served on Pizza Hut’s classic Original Pan crust. Luckily for new and old vegans, many pizza places are now beginning to offer vegan cheese on a range of pizzas. That’s all you. Looking for more vegetarian pizza toppings? You can’t go wrong with the classics; tomato, cheese and basil. We’re topping this veggie pizza with some classic vegetable toppings. veggie-pizza.png 1. Pizza is a favorite for everyone around the world and with so many topping combinations, it can also be enjoyed by vegetarians. Caramelised roasted cauliflower adds a sweetness and … Pizza. Feta is a delicious, exotic addition to any pizza and has found its way onto many of the different vego options on our… This will help to keep them down since there will be far fewer calories and fat content in the low-calorie options. To make things even easier, try the Tomato Stall’s Pure British Passata made from 100% ripened vine tomatoes. By Ana 3 Autumn, Dinner, Lunch, Vegetarian, Winter. 3 What Toppings Can You Put on a Vegan Pizza? Aside from griddled vegetables or mushrooms, more Italian-inspired vegetarian toppings include black olives, capers, chilli peppers, thinly sliced onions and artichokes. We're the ethical grocer delivering delicious food direct from local farmers who are paid properly. Pizza doesn’t always need cheese and it is possible to make a healthy and tasty pizza pie. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Now it can even work on pizza! Hey there, thanks for stopping by. 7 of 19. 3.1 Vegan Meats & Cheeses; 3.2 Fresh, Flavorful Veggies! Of course, vegans can enjoy pizza! Bursting with flavour, it is the perfect no-fuss base to your pizza. over the top, then tear your wild mushrooms and add liberally, followed by cubes of roasted butternut squash and a handful of sliced red onion. Use it as a paste on the pizza base or as a topping in its own right! To make this wild mushroom and roasted butternut squash pizza, you want to cut ½ a butternut squash into cubes and roast in the oven with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper for 15 minutes at about 180ºC. For meat toppings we use a designated measuring cup to pour all meats onto the pizzas. Allrecipes has more than 50 trusted vegetarian pizza recipes complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips. If you plan on … This herby, creamy vegan alternative is the perfect “cheese” to mix with spinach as the base. Spinach and Vegan Feta with Toasted Pine Nuts. Make Your Own Edible Gifts This Christmas, Festive Fizz: 4 Of The Best Prosecco Cocktail Recipes To Enjoy This Christmas, Gifting for Impact – 7 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Christmas. Finish with some cracked black pepper and a few more basil leaves. Luckily there are now so many alternatives to satisfy your cravings! It's packed with delicious creamy garlic flavour in every bite- starting with creamy garlic base sauce, four-cheese blend and topped with parmesan cheese and roasted garlic. Facebook Tweet. 10 delicious topping combinations. … Once, I used to imagine that pizza perfection means loads of melted mozzarella and a quality tomato sauce. When it comes to veggie pizza, there are countless fresh-from-the-garden options that can hit it out of the park. Whilst your pizza is in the oven, combine 1 ½ bunches of parsley, 1 bunch of basil, the juice from ½ a lemon and a glug of olive oil. 0 from 0 votes. When broiled or grilled, eggplant takes on a firm texture and smoky flavor, making it the perfect addition to any healthy pizza recipe. Cashews are vegan pizza toppings and the go-to nut in this category of vegan foods. Okay so this is where we get to have a little fun and begin to experiment. Cashews are rich in fats and protein, and also contain notable amounts fibre and carbohydrates. Chop the spinach and mix it with the vegan feta in a bowl. Customize . Cauliflower can be roasted and used as a pizza topping, or it can also be used to make egg-free, dairy-free pizza base. I use homemade vegan pesto to give it that salt and garlic it was missing, but this is even better. While you can add just about any veggie you have in your fridge, here’s what we’re putting on it: Eggplant: We’ll briefly pre-roast the eggplant to get it nice and tender. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the folks at The White Rabbit Pizza Co to create 4 of the  best vegan pizza toppings to add to their delicious plain bases. Add a ladle of the beetroot sauce to the pizza base, and like before, spread out using the bottom of the ladle to get an even coverage. Email. Roast Hard Veggies: Preheat oven to 450°F (232°C). With this topping, we’ve gone for slices of red onion, a great alternative to grated cheddar because the onion’s water content keeps the pizza base moist whilst it bakes. Swap the refried beans for pizza toppings and enjoy this versatile base. Garden Veggie . Looking for a great pizza to satisfy vegetarians and omnivores alike? Veggie Favourites . Scatter a big handful of Violife’s Grated Vegan Style Mozzarella over the top, then tear your wild mushrooms and add liberally, followed by cubes of roasted butternut squash and a handful of sliced red onion.