8 also illustrates the overall diameter C of the deflector, the dimension D between the lower bend line 53 of the opposite tines 41, the dimension E between the upper bend line 52 of those tines, and the diameter F of the mounting hole 55 by which the deflector is secured to the boss 15 as shown in FIG. U.S. Pat. The combination forms a pendent intermediate level sprinkler with guard. Alternatively, the cover member 27 may be omitted and the sleeve 30 and cover support 22 may be replaced by an escutcheon in which the sprinkler 10 is mounted in a recessed position with the deflector 16 located below the bottom surface of the ceiling plate 21. The Loepsinger U.S. Pat. electrically released, Releasing means, e.g. Additionally, users may not be able to finely tune the sprinkler risers to a degree that water is projected over areas requiring watering, while also shielding those areas and surfaces from unnecessary moisture. Although the invention has been described herein with reference to specific embodiments many modifications and variations therein will readily occur to those skilled in the art. Deflector-plate nozzle Series 525 Full cone spray. Moreover, the provision of larger tines intersecting the plane of the sprinkler frame arms having outer ends which extend below the plane of the central portion of the deflector and are inclined slightly upwardly with respect to that plane also facilitates uniformity and an enlarged distribution area for liquid from the sprinkler by compensating for the shadow effect of the arms interfering with the water distribution. Ironically, they can do more harm than good. The Whitaker U.S. Pat. The Model RC-QR Commercial Flat Concealed Sprinklers are automatic sprinklers of the compressed fusible solder type. Specifically, U.S. Pat. 2 and looking in the direction of the arrows; FIG. No. Accordingly, all such variations and modifications are included within the intended scope of the invention. Weight: 68 g 1/2 BSPP 56 Hex 24 53,5 11 14,5 Spray angle Ø [mm] ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNORS:BOSIO, CLAUDE P.;WANCHO, THOMAS F.;REEL/FRAME:007911/0323, Free format text: 2 away from the lower plane of the central portion 50 of the deflector which is represented in FIGS. 2. ing temperature rises, the solder holding the cover plate releases the cover allowing the deflector to drop into posi-tion and exposing the sprinkler inside to ceiling tempera-ture. 169/37 2724614 Spray sprinkler 1955-11-22 Rider 169/37 2697008 Sprinkler head Rowley Model WP56 and WP56L Specific Application Criteria (cont.) A sprinkler according to claim 2 in which the ends of the tines intersected by the plane of the sprinkler arm has outer ends which are inclined in a direction toward the sprinkler body. Upon the releasing of the cover plate, the deflector, which is connected to two guide pins, drops down below the ceiling into its intended position. No. A sprinkler according to claim 9 wherein the opposed tines intersecting the plane of the sprinkler arms have ends with lower surfaces which are spaced from the plane of the upper surface central portion of the deflector by a distance within the range of about 0.08-0.15 inch (2.0-3.8 mm). Continued heating of the exposed sprinkler causes the heat-sensitive liquid in the glass bulb to expand, causing the glass to shatter, releasing the yoke and pip cap and sealing spring assembly. 13. These generally operate by blocking a portion of the spray pattern or shrouding an area from exposure to the outgoing water, whereby a rotating sprinkler is blocked around a given portion of its circumference or the outgoing spray pattern from a stationary nozzle is adjusted to avoid overspray in certain areas. a perpendicular extension member adapted to be positioned above said sprinkler riser, said member distal end having a downwardly directed overhand portion for deflecting outgoing sprinkler spray. When the ambient temperature exceeds a predetermined level, the solder joints 28 fuse, permitting the spring fingers 35 to force the cover away from the sleeve 30 and, when the temperature exceeds the actuation temperature of the temperature responsive element 17, the glass bulb is fragmented, or if a solder element is provided the solder is fused, releasing the plug 18 and permitting liquid to pass through the axial opening in the sprinkler body and impinge the deflector 16. The deflector is adapted to be mounted between a sprinkler head and a sprinkler riser or hose via an aperture in the base. 5,267,689 to Forer discloses a rotary sprinkler deflector cap mounted over a sprinkler head, comprising a plurality of individually adjustable, wedge-shaped deflector plates mounted to the underside of the deflector cap. JPMORGAN CHASE, N.A., AS ADMINISTRATIVE AGENT, NEW, Free format text: These devices establish a defined spray pattern emanating from a sprinkler head by modifying its outgoing stream of water. 1 to collect heat and smoke from the uprising air for faster activation of sprinkler heads []. Sprinklers are deployed for the purposes of spreading water in an encompassing manner, where all areas of a lawn or farm are provided water for growth; however, it is not desirable to spray onto surfaces not requiring watering, for instance onto adjacent sidewalls, against houses, onto cars or further onto parts of trees or lawns that do not require constant watering or exposure to moisture. Sprinklers and sprinkler systems are commonly deployed devices that are utilized to distribute water over a defined area without requiring the user to manually direct the spray of water or hold a water hose. 1 and 2; FIG. The pendant fire sprinkler head is one of the most common types that you will see. The Schreiner device, while providing a sprinkler deflector, discloses a shapeable deflector that creates a unique boundary of the outgoing water stream based on its deflector finger positioning. These include devices that have been patented and published in patent application publications, and generally relate to guards having specific attachment structures or those having individually manipulated members for defining a radial spray pattern for a rotary sprinkler. for breaking at desired places; Arrangements for handling or replacing damaged parts, Arrangements for preventing or controlling structural damage to spraying apparatus or its outlets, e.g. Spray nozzles are available to provide spray in various directions and patterns. 2, taken on the line IV--IV of FIG. It is submitted that the present invention substantially diverges in design elements from the prior art, and consequently it is clear that there is a need in the art for an improvement to existing sprinkler guard devices. A sprinkler according to claim 2 wherein the tines intersected by the plane of the sprinkler arm include a larger angle than the other tines of the deflector. Side Wall Sprinkler Heads Mounted on the side of wall, only have half of a deflector Sprays water in half circle/crescent shape Great for small rooms, hallways, and places sprinkler pipes run up walls In addition to coming in These devices vary between the simple hose attachment article to the more sophisticated systems involving deployable sprinkler heads joined by a series of buried water supply lines. The subsequent operation of the solder link opens the This invention relates to fire prevention sprinklers for distributing liquid in an environment which is subject to a fire hazard. Although the characteristic features of this invention will be particularly pointed out in the claims, the invention itself and manner in which it may be made and used may be better understood after a review of the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like numeral annotations are provided throughout. A generally hemispherical cover member 27 is joined by solder joints 28 to depending tabs 29 of a sleeve 30 which is received within the depending portion 25 and has a plurality of helically arranged projections 31 located and shaped to engage the thread 24 of the peripheral depending portion 25 of the cup-shaped cover support 22, thereby permitting the cover member 27 to be adjustably mounted with respect to the sprinkler by rotation of the sleeve 30 within the depending portion 25. Further objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from a reading of the following description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which: FIG. The water stream strikes a deflector that forms the water into a spray pattern designed in support of the goals of the sprinkler type (i.e., control or suppression). electrically released heat-sensitive, Releasing means, e.g. SPRINKLER DEFLECTOR 1972-11-28 Schreiner 239/498 3195647 Sprinkler head and method of adjusting same 1965-07-20 Campbell et al. These devices, however, may also dispense water onto neighboring exterior walls, outdoor furniture, onto walkways and other various painted objects, causing damage to the property, a nuisance for pedestrians on neighboring walkways, and further to wasted water that is not utilized as intended. The cover member 27 may have a truncated conical shape rather than a hemispherical shape or, if the deflector is supported on sliding pins, a flat cover member may be used. Another object of the invention is to provide a sprinkler arrangement which produces increased and uniform distribution of liquid emerging from a sprinkler body. In view of the foregoing disadvantages inherent in the known types of sprinkler guard devices now present in the prior art, the present invention provides a new sprinkler guard that can be utilized for providing convenience for the user when quickly and conveniently connecting a shield or guard to an existing sprinkler or sprinkler system. Free format text: 4,585,069 discloses a sprinkler nozzle with a deflector having an elongated central apex portion of arcuate configuration and side portions diverging from opposite sides of the apex, each side portion having tines along the terminal edges to distribute water in a relatively narrow elongated spray pattern. Devices have been disclosed in the prior art that relate to sprinklers and sprinkler guard devices. 8, the tines 41 are bent downwardly from the central region 50 of the deflector along the line 51 and are then bent upwardly by a small angle γ with respect to the plane 52 along a line 53, providing an overall distance B between the upper surface of the central portion 50 of the deflector and the lower portion of the tines 41. The water distribution provided by such deflectors, however, has certain shortcomings. Water shall be collected in cans having square open tops measuring Heat collectors, which usually take the form of round or square metal baffles, or "pie plates," are occasionally prescribed where sprinklers are suspended too far below a ceiling or where there are other concerns about timely response. ); ENTITY STATUS OF PATENT OWNER: MICROENTITY, Free format text: It is recognized, however, that departures may be made within the scope of the invention and that obvious modifications will occur to a person skilled in the art. The device is not adapted to be quickly and inexpensively applied to a sprinkler riser, as is desired in the present invention. 11. 3 and 6, the outer end of the tine 43 is bent upwardly with respect to the plane 52 by a distance A and inclined with respect to that plane toward the plane of the frame arms 13 and 14 by an angle α whereas the outer end of the tine 42 has one edge abutting the plane 52 and is inclined upwardly at an angle β away from the plane of the frame arms 13 and 14. 3. The sprinkler 10 is arranged to be mounted in an opening in a ceiling plate 21 and, in the illustrated embodiment, a cup-shaped cover support 22 is mounted on the neck 23 of the sprinkler body and is formed with a thread 24 in a circumferentially depending portion 25. The Davis device, while providing a sprinkler deflector, provides a quick connect and disconnect hook and rod assembly that diverges from the present invention. The Schreiner device is one of greater complexity and diverging purpose. Step A. These devices are very convenient, and are an indispensible part of agriculture, general lawn care and professional turf management. The water deflector preferably includes a set of radially positioned deflector fingers that control the shape of the watering pattern by the finger positioning arrangement around the sprinkler head. These and other objects of the invention are attained by providing a sprinkler having a deflector supported from the sprinkler body by spaced frame arms in which the deflector has a plurality of projecting tines with the ends of adjacent pairs of tines inclined in opposite directions with respect to a plane perpendicular to the axis of the sprinkler body. Fast response sprinkler head and fire extinguishing system, Part circle rotator with improved nozzle assembly, Sprinkler head having protuberant ridge valve seat, Electrical evaporator including fan and louver structure, Cover assembly for a concealed sprinkler head, Drip irrigation multi-outlet emitter head assembly, Lapse for failure to pay maintenance fees, Information on status: patent discontinuation, Expired due to failure to pay maintenance fee. The device features a unit containing a flat, upstanding deflector surface designed to remain vertically positioned while being subjected to directed water pressure, while the base of the device provides a modular and conforming support system for most any sprinkler riser design. 7. Based on the experimental results in the present study, the following concluding remarks can be drawn on the effectiveness of heat collector plate (HCP) on sprinkler head sensitivity: Results of fire chamber experiments indicate that HCP is effective in collecting heat and then transferring it to the sprinkler … Most conventional fire suppression sprinklers consist of a threaded sprinkler body connected to a liquid supply pipe to receive fire extinguishing liquid such as water and having a heat responsive valve blocking a passage in the sprinkler body which is set to open the valve passage when the temperature in the vicinity of the sprinkler exceeds a selected value. Therefore, the foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Moreover, with a pendent sprinkler, at least one of the tines in each of those pairs also has its end portion inclined toward the sprinkler body to cause impinging liquid to be deflected in the direction toward the sprinkler body as well as laterally with respect to the plane of the sprinkler frame arms, causing liquid to be deflected upwardly, thereby enlarging the area protected by the sprinkler. The deflector blocks spray from the sprinkler in a given direction, while the attachment arms provide a readily deployable connection means around the riser of an existing sprinkler. Sprinklers contain a heat-sensitive element or liquid … 2,025,063 discloses an upright sprinkler with a deflector having downwardly curved side portions consisting of spaced tongues arranged in the form of a square to distribute water over a substantially square area. For the purposes of presenting a brief and clear description of the present invention, the preferred embodiment will be discussed as used for rapidly and easily deploying on existing sprinklers and providing a means to control spray patterns thereof. In an alternate embodiment, the deflector shield includes an extension member having an overhang portion for blocking spray from multiple orientations around the circumference of the sprinkler spray pattern. The structure of the device, while unique, does not disclose a readily attachable shield that is of simple construction and adaptable for all sprinkler types having an upstanding portion for attachment therearound. Further, U.S. Pat. 2, taken on the line VII--VII of FIG. 1; FIG. A final object of the present invention is to provide a sprinkler guard device that offers a removable or connected securement means and deformable attachment arms for accepting the outer surface of most any existing sprinkler riser. Moreover, the tine arrangements on the opposite sides of the plane perpendicular to that plane are mirror images of each other. Modern sprinkler heads are designed to direct spray downwards. No. U.S. Pat. electrically released heat-sensitive with frangible vessels. No. Occasionally, however, sprinkler covers fall off or get damaged. 2 and looking in the direction of the arrows; and. Each of the tines 41-43, 46 and 47 is bent along the dashed line 51 shown in FIG. The structure and intent of the Hosie device diverges from the elements of the present invention, which provides a shield having a quick sprinkler riser connection means. FIG. Other objects, features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. 5 is a fragmentary side view showing the inclination and displacement of one tine of the deflector illustrated in FIG. 200 F (93 C) Sprinkler; 155 F (68 C) Cover Plate The Globe Series GL-SR/DRY/INCH Dry Type Adjustable Concealed Pendent Sprinkler is designed for use in special applications such as freezing environments and conditions where sediment or foreign mate- with fixed deflectors; Breaking-up the discharged liquid or other fluent material by impinging jets with fixed deflectors, Nozzles, spray heads or other outlets, with or without auxiliary devices such as valves, heating means with means for mechanically breaking-up or deflecting the jet after discharge, e.g. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). of sprinkler piping, with the deflector positioned above the orifice . Application filed by Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co Inc, Assigned to RELIABLE AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CO., INC., THE, RELIABLE AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CO., INC., THE. Finally, U.S. Pat. 3 to illustrate the tine configuration provided in each of the four quadrants, the lower left and upper right quadrants being mirror images, respectively, of the lower right and upper left quadrants of FIG. 3,703,993 to Schreiner discloses a sprinkler deflector for creating a specific watering pattern, comprising a shield that can be made to conform to the shape and size of a lawn portion, wherein the lawn includes borders beyond which require no watering. When the sprinkler heads activate, they send a stream of water downward onto their deflectors, which then disperse the water widely, side to side, throughout the room in a conical pattern. The angle of the deflector arms is adjustable to change the width of the un-watered areas. an upstanding spray deflector having a deflecting surface and a sprinkler connecting means; said sprinkler connecting means comprising a first and second deformable attachment arm adapted to conform around the periphery of a sprinkler riser; an elongated fastening means adapted to be supported by said first and second attachment arm and secure around said sprinkler riser for supporting said upstanding deflector; said deflector having a stiffness sufficient to deflect sprinkler spray without significant deformation and prevent spray therethrough, shielding an area therebehind and deflecting a portion of said outgoing spray. In many cases, the sprinkler deflector consists of a substantially planar disk positioned perpendicular to the sprinkler passage which distributes impinging water radially in the direction parallel to the plane of the disk and formed with radial slots which permit a portion of the impinging water to pass through the disk, i.e., downwardly toward the floor of the protected area when the sprinkler is of the pendent type suspended from a ceiling. 61/509,867 filed on Jul. A sprinkler according to claim 1 comprising two opposed tines intersecting the plane of the sprinkler arms and two identical sets of tines, one on each side of the plane of the sprinkler arms, each set including two pairs of tines having inclined ends and one pair of tines separating the two pairs of tines having inclined ends. It is therefore submitted that the instant invention has been shown and described in what is considered to be the most practical and preferred embodiments. After the solder melts, the decorative plate falls to the floor, exposing the sprinkler head. The hook and brace secure the rod and deflector to the sprinkler standpipe for positioning the deflector in front of the sprinkler spray field. As best seen in FIG. With respect to the above description then, it is to be realized that the optimum dimensional relationships for the parts of the invention, to include variations in size, materials, shape, form, function and manner of operation, assembly and use, are deemed readily apparent and obvious to one skilled in the art, and all equivalent relationships to those illustrated in the drawings and described in the specification are intended to be encompassed by the present invention. Water will continue to flow until the main valve is shut off. A leaf spring 33 engages a circumferential shoulder 34 on the sleeve 30 and has a plurality of spring fingers 35 urging the rim of the cover member 27 away from the sleeve member 30 as described, for example, in the Leininger et al. SPRAYING OR ATOMISING IN GENERAL; APPLYING LIQUIDS OR OTHER FLUENT MATERIALS TO SURFACES, IN GENERAL, SPRAYING APPARATUS; ATOMISING APPARATUS; NOZZLES, Nozzles, spray heads or other outlets, with or without auxiliary devices such as valves, heating means, Nozzles, spray heads or other outlets, with or without auxiliary devices such as valves, heating means with means for mechanically breaking-up or deflecting the jet after discharge, e.g. Recessed and concealed sprinkler ceiling plates are required to be listed with the sprinkler, and used only in accordance with their listing. As best seen in FIG. A sprinkler according to claim 9 wherein one of the tines has an inclined end which is displaced from the plane of the central portion of the deflector by a distance within the range of about 0.0-0.04 inch (0-1.0 mm). word “TOP” on the Deflector is to face towards the ceiling. In addition, the sleeve 30 is formed with longitudinally extending slots 36 separating the sleeve into a plurality of segments which are resiliently biased toward the depending portion 25, permitting the sleeve to be moved axially into position within the cup-shaped support 22, if desired. with fixed deflectors; Breaking-up the discharged liquid or other fluent material by impinging jets, Nozzles, spray heads or other outlets, with or without auxiliary devices such as valves, heating means with means for mechanically breaking-up or deflecting the jet after discharge, e.g. The Mohler U.S. Pat. 4-8 for a representative embodiment of the invention, as well as suitable ranges for those values in deflectors having a thickness of about 0.05 inch (1.27 mm) intended for use in the present invention: Using a deflector arrangement in accordance with the invention in which tines adjacent to the plane of the sprinkler frame arms have ends which are alternately inclined toward and away from that plane in the upward direction from the central portion of the deflector, fire extinguishing liquid is distributed more uniformly and over a larger area of a region to be protected than with a conventional planar deflector. The goal of the Hosie device is to create un-watered areas about the perimeter of the otherwise circular sprinkler pattern, wherein the trunks of orchard trees are not overly saturated and prone to mold development. The temperature-responsive solder reacts to a specified temperature, usually about 20 degrees lower than the sprinkler’s activation temperature. 4,461,423 to Davis is another such device that discloses a sprinkler shield having a semi-circular deflector attached to a sprinkler quick connector. The V-shaped deflector arms are pointed inwards to divert water spray from the sprinkler head away from a defined area in four orthogonal directions, wherein the un-watered areas are adapted to coincide with the tree trunks in an orchard. 2 is a plan view of the deflector shown in the embodiment of the invention illustrated in FIG. The disclosed deflector and a sprinkler of the desired type are attached to the end of the garden hose, and the deflector/sprinkler watering apparatus is then positioned at the desired location. 4,484,709 to Hosie discloses a sprinkler deflector having a flab base and upwardly and outwardly extending V-shaped deflector arms. nozzle guards, Arrangements for controlling delivery; Arrangements for controlling the spray area, Arrangements for controlling delivery; Arrangements for controlling the spray area for controlling the spray area, Shielding elements, i.e. A sprinkler according to claim 1 wherein the radial slot between the two tines having inclined ends is shorter than the radial slots separating the two tines having inclined ends from other adjacent tines. Moreover, as shown in FIG. Cover Plate - To install the conceal cover plate, align it with the sprinkler and slowly turn clockwise for the cover plates and sprinkler to lock in. PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362.