My favorite aussie duo Bird Flies High is always awesome. They compose their music, play the instruments, records and even edit and publish their videos on their own, while having time for paid jobs, relaxing on their private jungle, and chatting with friends from all across the world, including me.

They recently released a new song and video on their Youtube channel. I virtually visited their studio on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and had a couple of virtual beers with Georgie and Peaky, just before having a quick interview.

Triptica: How and when you started making music?

Bird Flies High: Late 2011 Peaky and I started making and recording music together. We both had always , prior to our meeting, had the desire and interest in blending different musical influences with electronic beats/samples. With our diverse backgrounds in many styles of music, it was the ideal combination.

T: What about the name of the band? What’s the story behind it?

BFH: Bird Flies High was a name created in 2010 for new music I was writing with this kind of idea and collaboration in mind. Bird is a nickname that came about at a time of my life where there were many changes going on, personally and with my music.. the will to fly ,sing like a bird..and poop on people I dont like. haha

T: What do you think of the term “trip hop” as a genre for your music?

BFH: Triphop to us is a combination of many different genres…and styles.. dark, ambient,urban,electronic textures…..Bird Flies High was initially placed in triphop/downtempo genre by our listeners and followers..Our music style sways between Funk, Soul,Jazz, Blues, Classical and cinematic. Trip hop music fuses all these styles. We blend LIVE instruments (Peaky – Tenor and Baritone Saxophone) myself (Piano,Keys and Flute) and accompany them with a mix of drum n bass, downtempo and trip-hop “inspired “beats which results in a fusion of dark atmospheric overtones which is soulful and often symphonic in nature.

T: Regarding your songs: what’s your favorite one, and why?

Peaky: “Mmm” is a favourite. Its dirty, raw sound, jazz and smokiness.

Bird: For me, probably “How to Leave” special to me as lyrically it expresses a very significant time in my life.However, our new track ” Face Down” which we soon will be sharing with you may just bypass it as a personal favourite. Ooh Ahh, the mystery song !!!

T: What’s the plans for the band on the future?

In the near future we will continue to write, record and produce more music, hopefully release an album soon, and we also will be concentrating on building our LIVE act with our team of amazingly talented friends in the Music and Staging industry. Their incredible love and support for us and our music is incredibly important to us…words cant describe!

T: Name three songs that inspire you to make your music

Bird: “Unfinished Sympathy” Massive Attack (1991). When I first heard this song I was completely blown away. Having a classical upbringing I have a big love for piano and string arrangements.. Not only that the lyrical content,vocals, beats etc . Supreme!


Peaky: Anything by Morphine. Still today, no band like them. Their unique and unusual sound using blues and jazz elements to create a dark ,deep and dirty feel ,HORNS, meaningful lyrics, which clicks all Peakys buttons…and he has many buttons.HA. R.I P Mark Sandman.


BFH: Both of us agree on “Where its at?” BECK. What an incredible Musician! Oblique and ironic lyrics, postmodern arrangements incorporating samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and sound effects. Ultimate styleman!! one of the best LIVE performers ever witnessed. He made a very significant change in Music, a new direction…the ultimate blender of all styles.

T: Which artists would you like to work/collab with?

BFH: This is a tough question to answer as we could probably list about 15-20 artists we would love to collaborate with. First 3 that come to mind : Beck, Thom Yorke and Herbalizer. Dont think we need to explain the reasons….

T: How do you think your geographic location influence your music?

BFH: We are based in the Currumbin Valley, in the Gold Coast hinterland in Queensland, Australia. We are completely surrounded by trees, bush, rainforest, rockpools and creeks. It is the ideal location for creating and recording music. Peaceful, fresh air, relaxing… Sometimes the birds can interfere with our recording however ..

In Australia, our style of music is not as popular than it is in Europe and other countries. However this makes us more excited and inspired.our wish is to change that..

T: What’s the hardest part of making music with your band?

Bird: Peaky says Me but we all know that this cant possibly be true! ha .

BFH: We would both have to agree that it would be finding the balance, time and availability in juggling our day jobs, and other personal commitments with our Music. Would be lovely to spend every day making music. We would have probably 5 albums by now if that were the case.

T: Vinyl, Cassette, CD’s, MP3? Why?

BFH: Nothing beats the sound of vinyl records. We grew up in the era of Vinyl and Cassettes, so they are both very dear to our hearts. We all have fond memories of making “mix-tapes” and oh the joy of being able to play music of your own personal choice in the car!! Cassettes may have faded into obscurity(still have boxes of them in the garage, but nothing to play them on), but vinyl will never die. Nothing quite as “sexy” as the sound of a needle hitting the grooves on a record.But we all know we have to move with the times. Mp3s allow musicians to share their music with only a click of a button anywhere in the world.

T: Have you ever been close enough to a kangaroo to touch it?

BFH: HAHA! Kangaroos are everywhere here. Growing up in Australia they are almost like a part of the furniture.Where we are they visit quite regularly, although the wild ones arent too approachable. We have many wildlife parks open to the public all over Australia where people can touch, feed even cuddle kangaroos, koalas and other wildlife. (venomous snakes and spiders not included)

To give you an idea of how big the male kangaroos are. If this american tourist wasn’t in a wildlife park and didn’t have food, he would be in trouble. the females are friendlier.

If you ever come and visit Marko, we will happily take you for a ride on a kangaroo and provide you with the appropriate protective not included.

T: And to close…What would you say to your fans all across the countries?

We are completely overwhelmed with the support we have received from our listeners and followers all over the world. Our fans are a huge inspiration to us .Knowing our music is being listened to ,shared and loved in all corners of the world is awesome! Special thanks and love though to you Marko and Triptica, Triphop Universe (Christian Ricci), Trip-hop Laboratory ( Veselin (Vesko) & Bradata) , SHOOTME magazine (Greece)

We are so humbled and grateful for the continuous support you have given us,and also other Triphop communities/pages/radio etc. You’ve helped our Music reach ears, minds and hearts of many people all over the world, and the personal friendships we have made with you all will remain ever-lasting.

This will be the first of a series of interviews I will publish on triptica, for fans to know some more about the people behind the music you like. I hope to publish on a weekly basis, but as always, the schedule is going to depend on my free time.

Which trip hop artist/band should be next to have a visit from Triptica? Leave me a comment below to know!


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