International Jazz Day 2014 at Triptica

Are you wondering why we are playin jazz instead of Trip Hop? For second year, Triptica joins inicitative of UNESCO and Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz, on the worldwide celebration of the International Jazz Day.

osaka-prepares-to-host-international-jazz-day-2014-mWe will also join the costarican music and arts collective La Triada Hermética and our friends from La Cueva del Oso on a  clandestine street jazz jam session in the Plaza de Las Artes, San Jose, Costa Rica, at 7:00 pm, and will finish the day attending the official Costa Rica celebration at El Sotano, and having a well deserved beer

This April 30th 2014 there will be plenty of jazz activities on every city, every country: movies, open forums, concerts, live shows, podcasts, happennings. Check your local jazz clubs, and if there’s no event in your city, organize one, and join the big party. And don´t forget to use the hashtag #jazzday.


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