“Loud Noises in Quiet Spaces” by Joe Rodwell

Starting this week, Triptica will feature a different trip hop album per week, could be classic albums, new mainstream, or new underground cool stuff.  If you are an artist and wants us to check your album please click on Submit Music link. The pick of this first week is “Loud Noises in Quiet Spaces” by Joe Rodwell.

Joe is a composer/arranger, producer, and trumpeter based in West London. Since leaving the London College of Music in 2007, Joe has become a successful freelance musician, composing music for short films, documentaries, and library companies, arranging for various ensembles, and performing as both a live and session musician.

As a trumpet player, Joe had the privilege of working with many great musicians, producers and artists, incluiding Ms Dynamite, Shy FX and many more. But on December 2013 Joe released his first album, ‘Loud Noises in Quiet Spaces.’  As he says: “The album is an homage to the Bristol sound of trip hop and its many sub-genres and spin offs. I have loved this type of music since discovering it back in the late 90’s.”

Having been brought up in Bristol, Joe was engrossed in the ‘Bristol sound’ of trip hop from the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead.

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