Najwajean back for 2015

After years working on their solo projects, Najwa Nimri and Carlos Jean returns to their origins for this 2015.

Madrid-based electronica duo has been around since 1998, when released their debut album “No Blood”. An album which has become a classic trip hop masterpiece.

After the 2000, they collaborated on soundtrack for movies like ‘Asfalto’ (2000) and ‘Guerreros’ (2002), from director Daniel Calparsoro.

Second album ‘Till It breaks’, was published on 2008 and turned the band to an analogic indie rock version of Najwajean. Songs like ‘Crime’ y ‘Drive Me’ were included on this second album.

After an almost-10-years break, Nawjajean returned on june 2014 for a concert on Matadero Madrid. Now on 2015, Najwajean announced their return to the stages. Their next concert will be on March 28th, at La Llotja de Elche.

Info for the concert: Sala Municipal La Llotja; plaça de la Llotja, s/n; el sábado a partir de las 21 horas; precio: 15 euros; venta anticipada en la taquilla del Gran Teatre de Elche y en el teléfono 902 444 300. También, una hora antes en la taquilla de La Llotja.-

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