He said very few people in Norway would even think of eating it. Keep in mind, there are already tens of millions of Americans that cannot feed themselves. I know we do! So I told him all about George Washington Carver, who did so much to promote peanut farming and consumption. I like root beer flavored candy - and popsicles- but never drink the stuff. Culture shock is feeling a little disoriented when moving to a new environment, such as America. So there is that. "Boiled animal bones and hide, colored with garish chemicals, served with fruit," wrote food blogger Dr. Ricky on Twitter yesterday. I don't eat grits. I have a sweet tooth, but a bit of gulab jamon, rasmalai and some of those other desserts go a long way since they are so sweet. ... Americans In Paris On Food, Culture Shock. American deserts - sugar bomb in which sweetness numbs all your taste buds. I have more trouble politely eating marzipan, which I don't care for at all. it tasted like something a Liberian friend of mine ". I swear folks are basing their opinions on their experience. I really can't stand Nutella. Many Americans have forgotten how to eat properly. No country settled/colonized by the Brits should be looking down their noses at American food. It's just a cornmeal dish. Here in Oz, a few much loved childhood treats have survived - but they’re not the same. Okay, so I know that there's loads of answers here, and I couldn't read all of them, so I'd probably be repeating some points. To prevent you from innocently stepping on some Finnish toes, here are a few social no-goes to be aware of. And all those loaded baked potatoes. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox, Houston's 5 Best Weekend Food Bets: Place Your Preorders for Hanukkah Delights, Houston's 5 Best Weekend Food Bets: Try a Deshaun Watson-Approved Cheesesteak, 15 American Foods That Are as Weird to Foreigners as Poisonous Blowfish Is to Us. I buy their regular loaves (multigrain when I can get it). Everyone I know loves peanut butter. To me that's like eating plain oatmeal with nothing in it. Few Americans have ever tasted mozzarella. It's amazing and perfect on a burger. I've had the Kyrgyz version (kumnis). Britain didn't really have any impact on India food....India had a food culture of their own. I grew up in the south and was raised eating grits, many different kinds. No thanks. My favourite thing that people always bring up when talking about British cuisine is 'faggots'. It's not a cherished tradition in this country. But as a camping food, they are quite tasty and fun to make. Talk About The One Thing That Foreigners Would Be Shocked To Learn About The United States Read this: 26 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Strangest American ‘Food’ They’ve Seen Read this: 17 Weird American Dating Habits That Confuse Every Foreign Person Cataloged […] To me, people were eating a dinner at 11 and then again a dinner later." The vast majority of men should never weigh over 180 pounds. Actually my favorite cheese made from cow's milk is American aged, sharp raw milk cheddar. I've had a few foreign friends say they couldn't stand pumpkin pie. waved the takeover through. I guess since it's a New World crop, they just never got into it. Marmite is slightly more complex (more umami) and not as salty, it also has the texture of thickest molasses. A simple way to ease these situations is by brushing up on basic greetings. Really worked! Also, what's racist about saying Mexicans like Fanta and Coke? “This doesn’t happen as often in other countries, I find.” A case of reverse culture shock, apparently. The ‘patient’ Fed has been lamenting the “lack of inflation” for far too long.It is about to get its wish. I mean, what has Australia or New Zealand contributed to world cuisine? And this whole loathing of peanut butter is just mindless anti-Americanism. I had never even had a non-homemade one until I was in my 40s. [quote]" knead the dough well, for about five minutes.". While we're at it, poutine. Eating food that makes you crave more food sounds crazy when you think about it. If you're heating Pop Tarts in the microwave you're doing it wrong. Everyone should try it. Evian with the minerals. I'm sure someone will find a recipe that proves me wrong, because that's part of what we do here, but in general, brownies contain much more sugar than chocolate. Strang that people have culture shock when coming to the USA, but most Americans don’t have the reverse problem. I stayed at a rather posh hotel in London, where at the breakfast buffet they served what I considered medium rare scrambled eggs and bacon. Another day another thread featuring american vs. european dataloungers competing on who is more trashy. As an amusing aside, my ex for some reason was absolutely horrified once when the mustard at a restaurant in Germany was served in little tubes like toothpaste. Only in America are people taught that grits are some singular horror. As a kiwi I agree with that Americans have the worst food ever. The Coke you buy inside Mexico has corn syrup as well as most Coke sold in the U.S. It’s the export Coke made in Mexico for the American market that has cane sugar. Refusing food Americans often refuse food to make it easier for their hosts, but in most Arab countries, like Lebanon, it is considered incredibly rude to reject anything offered, especially food… Didn’t much hide the origins tho - it was clearly on the label it was made by one of the big dairy corporations here. Somehow the subject of peanut butter came up, and he made some pretty disparaging remarks. 2. Strong Family Connections The biggest problem I have with toast is that the bread I buy at the supermarket is way too sweet. And I asked for milk and got room temperature shelf-stable milk. You can find grits in the south (mainly from the millers themselves) that leave the germ in, but most commercially sold grits have the germ removed. [quote]Americans have a tendency to cook fruits (apple pies, pineapple pizza etc). [quote]For those of you who hate pumpkin pie, try a homemade one sometime. We found 24 foods that are banned in the United States. It was really pretty nice though - clearly better ingredients than in most mass produced ice cream here - for which you paid through the nose. I find Europeans fondness for organ meats appalling. How do four weeks of paid vacation sound? Because they are. Although called the same, the NZ and UK versions are slightly different. 3. No, you won't find mustard on a breakfast table. They're not bad. But I definitely, definitely want to because I want some funnel cake. Foreigners may encounter this when visiting and living with Chinese friends. Gruyere and Emmental taste nothing like Mont Jack. have gone up in flames. 7. They have plenty of ghastly stuff they like, because it's part of their culinary heritage. In the old days, farm wives cooked fruit and vegetables at harvest time and canned them to be used in the winter. Millions of Americans Could Be in for a Tax Shock. I don't mind Marmite and Vegemite particularly. I saw it being eaten on Bates Motel, googled what it was and.....yuuuuuuuuuummmmmm. In disagreement, I called her out. -- Dragana, Serbia via South Africa, "Mayonnaise! To me it tastes rancid with the mix of sour and overly sweet. We're not talking about obvious things like currency, taxes, health care, and politics; it's the everyday stuff that we Brits barely bat an eyelid at that seems to shock folk from the United States. Plenty of Americans don't like American cheese either. I made the comparison with Emmental & Gruyère because they are cheap, widely available in Europe and also have a low melting point, but with more flavour (they taste like cheese). People who eat a nutritionally complete, sensible diet do not need soft drinks for "balance." Not a fan of: blanched asparagus (Spargel). unless they were ill or something? Experience American culture and add international skills to your resume. I had a mincing prisspot that my grandmother used to use to make Brunswick stew but then we ate all the squirrels and there were none left to mince. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. We also have lot's of desserts that have a slightly 'tart' edge, Rhubarb crumble and Gooseberry fool instantly come to mind but there are lots of others. Nor is cinnamon in the flavor base of that beverage. Culture shock can include, meeting new people, language barriers, social behaviors, and a sense of community. I'm no longer as adventurous trying foods as I used to be, but I still think I'd like to try kidneys prepared by an experience British cook. Keep going girls! I’d expect that to be a patty formed from ground chicken, similar to a turkey burger, but no, it was a chicken breast sandwich like Chik Fil A sells. Thing is tho - kids are the biggest consumers i’m assuming - and they’re all eating the stuff now as their standard treat - and get get used to it. Blood sausages. I do like corn and corn on the cob but also know it’s not a healthful food. If I was forced to eat SPOTTED DICK moments later I would be sitting on the toilet doing a lot of BUBBLE AND SQUEAK! The American way of life may be very different from your own, and that difference is part of your cultural exchange experience. Monterey jack, if anything, is supposed to be slightly sharp rather than sweet or bland. He was quite amused that people here ate that shit. r265, I'm talking about this. I've always eaten grits as a base to load with other things. Gross. Commercial American white bread is a pastry, not a bread. Thank God I'm not the only one who finds s'mores disgusting. R287 Mary Berry also uses 6 egg yolks for the lemon curd, the filling would set solid like an egg custard tart. Then they lied about it and eventually had to confess. The Kiwi version is the best. Truly disgusting! 2nd Huge amount of food . Coke and Pepsi introduced their plans to use it in 1984. Imagine my shock when I ordered my mashed potatoes, I find that they don't sell them! r75 One needs to be emphatic with the r70s of the world, always trying to make the case for pumpkin pie. You’ve eaten kangaroo and thought it tasted okay. Women shouldn't weigh more than 160 pounds. The maple syrup and bacon, as R233 said is primarily from mixing on the plate. I used to microwave them all the time, mostly in college for dinner. It’s been over a year now since my flight to Australia, and I must say that there have actually been a number of shocking discoveries in respect to my American expectations. CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: California Privacy Policy | California Collection Notice | Do Not Sell My Info. Because they come from the Old Country and they aren't very creative. in Europe there used to be laws that you couldn't call candies chocolates unless it had only certain ingredients in it. Over here we usually eat them at fairs or theme parks. IMO, Emmental cheese is not super pungent. Here's Why Not understanding how jobless benefits work could put a lot of tax-filers in a precarious position come April. In a decent restaurant your choice would be from a board like this. Hello. Coke, lemon and orange sodas. Grits are great if cooked correctly, I loved corn dogs as a kid but it's not something I eat as an adult. The US Better Crocker version has one and a half cups (about 300 grams) in the lemon filling of same size pie. And that was the point. Begging the question if I've ever seen it. I didn't understand why they only served noodles (pasta) & green cauliflower (broccoli) for dinner. Contact Us, Yup R224 - like I said - there’s only two or three big corporations that pretty much own everything as far as confectionary goes - and it’s all been cheapened and screwed over. It is delicious IMO, but also very mild. Supermarkets have whole aisles of completely unpalatable bread. Funnel cake is found at fairs (UK: fetes) mostly, unfortunately you won't likely encounter it at restaurants and cafes. I really don't get it. But people I’ve spoken to have realized this is a generalization of the American public. Posters loathing "American chocolate" are talking about the quality of the cheapo chocolate bars you get at the checkout counter of supermarkets and pharmacies. I’ve seen chicken claws on some Chinese buffets and those terrify me. R93, American cheese adds interesting mouth feel and a light cheese flavoring without adding the (IMO too strong flavor of something like cheddar or blue cheese. All was well as the red goo who turned out to be cherry pie filling. A Journey Through The History Of American Food In 100 Bites : ... An overarching theme in her book is how foreign foods came to be embraced by Americans… [quote]Can also be used on a grilled sandwich with cheese, or as a scroll. Unless you are going to the deepest parts of Africa. Things like Spotted Dick which isn't seen anywhere apart from old school dinner menus. The snack foods are utterly revolting (Doritos, Cheetos, those onion ring things, etc), like biting into an unnaturally-coloured salt lick. I can't decide which item in R113 is the most disgusting. Specifically an American woman? They taste the same. Blech! They've had to shut down factories and are mostly wholesale now, which apparently is what they never wanted to be, and their dreams of housewares, worldwide stores and restaurants, music festivals, their own magazine, etc. Then again, haven't had Phillipino balut, and hope never to do so. I infer that British folks like it that way. -- Natacha, Chile, "Bacon and eggs in the morning seemed weird to me. Or fun. I mean, what has Australia or New Zealand contributed to world cuisine? Eating an apple without slicing it up first would be seen in the same way. My favorite is a dark chocolate truffle with chili pepper laced into it. American processed food IS disgusting...don't eat it. Both are disgusting unless you use it for seasoning as I do sometimes when out of soy sauce cooking Asian dishes. Although I guess not everyone read about their scam - and they’re kinda hot and have good marketing. In Finland, there are certain things you just don't do—subtle differences that you as a traveler should be aware of to avoid those dreaded moments of awkwardness. If you think American desserts are sweet, have you ever tried eating Indian food? Luckily, she immediately pointed out that I was the one who was mistaken. And squash. Those dumplings must hard as a rock. It's more like a processed version of Red Leicester. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do what you're describing, baking a pie at the same time you're roasting a turkey. Most Americans are always on the go. I'm American and I hate pumpkin pie. I would like for my opinion today to go beyond the normal political talking points. There are even YouTube channels devoted to foreigners trying much-loved American staples like Cheez Whiz and Spam, with none ending well. Fair enough! It was a big scam, R218. Or, rather, it was Dr. Ricky's counterpoint to yesterday's post from EOW blogger Sam Brown on foods to avoid, which included foreign treats such as fugu (a.k.a. “Sandwich” refers to two slice of bread with filling in between. I had grits in Charleston, South Carolina years ago on a business trip, and it was an ENTIRELY different (and better tasting) food than what I grew up eating. Everyone argues about where you'll find the best burger in America. As an Aussie kid - I was raised on vegemite and prefer it to the alternatives. Go with Mathew's Whole Wheat or Vermont Soft Whole Wheat or a local bakery loaves or rolls. Taste doesn't become as important when it's in a sandwich or an omelette as many people experience it. But Pop Tarts are pretty much just sugar bombs. Closest I can recall to that would be roti, which I suppose can be rather starchy. Farm wives were used to using what was available locally and people had fruit trees on their farms or even in the suburbs in their back yards. Let's be clear, though: America is a big country and not even people who have lived here all their lives get some of the country's favorite regional foods. There is nothing more comforting with breakfast than a bowl of cheese grits, made with real butter, cheddar and green onions. I grew up on biscuits and gravy, Dr. Pepper. There's plenty of higher quality options in the supermarket, and at better restaurants; I swear folks are basing that on cheap chain restaurant food and the breakfast toast available at a Hampton Inn or some such. It's not a Mexican thing. r138 So it's sort of like a cinnamon roll, but without the cinnamon? For US consumers, Mexican Coke is made with sugar. Although, interestingly, cinnamon does appear in the flavor profile of Coke, which you claim to like, r141. Not even remotely. Also, it is hardly an "American" food. Many, Many Food Items According to a Reddit thread, there are a lot of American food products folks abroad find strange. 10. Construction workers like sodas. One of the best opportunities you will have during your time in the United States is to learn about American culture. I wonder if west coast manufacturers were still using sugar while corn country had already transitioned. Anybody who doesn't like Pumpkin pie should be taken into the town square and beaten until dead, after being force fed pumpkin pie. Apparently, one is supposed to use butter in sandwiches. I am drinking decaf now, r75. I imagine they like it fine in France? R9, neither of those things is American Cheese. Foreign foods that freak me out are organ meats, including stomach linings, and sausages of all sorts, anything cooked with blood. Friendliness became No1 culture shock by being mentioned at 10 times in my research. The only food the British do well is cheese...my favorite cheddar come from England.... Seaside Cheddar. My ex-BF is black, and I think it's interesting that, among Americans, most black people eat sweet potato pie, not pumpkin pie. Couldn't do it. R271 The Bradburys version of 'Mont Jack' ( post R246 ) that swamped the UK a few years ago tastes of nothing other than sweetened fat. I’d rather eat any bland prepackaged American poison food than know my food came from the torture and slow, ago izing death of any animal. which was probably reason. European deserts are sweet as well but there is nice flavour beyond the sweetness. To end on a positive note, Americans barbecue can be pretty great. Goat is an item many Americans would avoid. It looks highly unpractical to me with stuff falling all over the place. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. I infer that British folks like it that way. I wonder if the reason Europeans don’t like corn on the cob is because they think of the cob as waste and therefore think only a pig would eat it, because pigs and other farm animals probably eat the cob too, or part of it. It’s just two or three big multinationals running the whole game - and every cent saved on the production of a candy bar racks up millions in profits. We compiled 15 of the biggest culture shocks non-Americans experienced in the US. making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing Is it a point of deranged pride? The prices are exorbitant but at Keat they're still making decent product. Cheap industrial-made waxy textured cheese is cheap, that's true. "I do think biscuits and gravy are gross and strange." I always found it weird when I was there that Germans refused to drink tap water, like the tap water wasn't safe. I gave the chicken a shot at least, and was once again let down. If you are interested you can take a look at I read somewhere that Americans have always had easier access to sugar and never had to really ration like the Europeans did during war times. Our foreign friends have likely missed out on the way cheese is consumed here at social occasions, so have provided a link. Apparently the much-lauded Mediterranean diet is no longer eaten in Greece - and they are becoming fat. Career Training USA is a cultural exchange program that enables current university students and young professionals from all over the world to pursue internships in the U.S. for up to 12 months. In shock, Ms. Zhu, who is 26 and moved to the United States from China five years ago, hurried the rest of the way to the gym. Food Allergy Basics. and we'll set a dreaded cookie to make it go away. Hershey's coasts mainly on name recognition these days, and are apparently horrible to work for: The article below details Hershey's exploitation of international student workers in its factory. My view is that Americans haven't so much forgotten how to eat properly as they are lied to. About Us. R68 American versions of Euro cheeses have little to do with the taste of the real thing. I like most American foods but can't handle the cheese or chocolate. Still do." Europeans enjoy real food, not crap like corn dogs. Those people exist but they're hardly the norm, and they're making choices, ie, they have choices. Vegemite is saltier, texture is slightly grittier and waxy/ more solid than Marmite. The have specialty cheeses from around the world. an open flame of a camp out or barbeque is when they are made. When I first started traveling internationally back in the early eighties - everywhere you went you saw lots of new and different products everywhere you went - now it’s just a few things as most everything is the same the world over now. White Americans fell below the national average, with 7.9% experiencing food insecurity. R85 When threads about British food come up they always focus on ideas of British food rather than what we actually eat. Most British beers are musty and sour tasting, btw. Italians dislike Italian-American cuisine. That one doesn’t have salt or sugar or anything else, so you have to do a lot more with it to make it fit for a pie. Seriously. It's basically a processed cheese slice in brick form. [quote]I'm asian american I hate: any "salad" drizzled in mayo, nacho cheese sauce, chain pizza, chocolate ice cream, fruit juice, grits, coleslaw, meatloaf, biscuits/sausage gravy, casseroles. Dr Pepper tastes like liquid Trident. They aren't even consumed by most Americans, and chances are the foreigner ate grits that weren't prepared well (90% of those found in restaurants ARE bland and gross), or those shitty instant grits. Millions of people have immigrated in the past decade and like every decision that one makes, people immigrate to find happiness. The British version has 50 grams of sugar in the lemon filling. The ‘patient’ Fed has been lamenting the “lack of inflation” for far too long.It is about to get its wish. Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. Hongdae and Itaewon are the two most popular areas with foreigners that like to party. I discovered it as baking chocolate, but I love eating it as well. A lot of pubs in the UK don't even serve old-fashioned bitter anymore unless it's a gimmick. At least the original Americans contributed tomatoes, potatoes, chili peppers, and cacao to the European cuisines. Enjoy every step of the journey with us at Alot Travel. America is enormous: the third largest country in the world with a population of more than 300 million people. But they are widely available and sometimes served the other way around. R106 Vegemite is Australian and Marmite is British and Kiwi. What the fuck kind of salad is that!? Thought after they got busted as fake - they would have been laughed out of the industry? Their desserts are mediocre, IMO, and it's not from any lack of sweetness. I think a lot of the non-American posters are getting their info secondhand or off shock media shows that deliberately pick some 350 pound heifer with a grocery cart full of Wonderbread, Dr. Pepper and Jimmy Dean biscuit sandwiches and give her a nutritional makeover. Then you might not understand the appeal of candied bacon, R252. He probably lives back east somewhere where there are no Mexican construction workers. Have the Europeans on board ever tried Monterey Jack, or Longhorn, or any of the US craft cheeses? For snacking in the US, string cheese (a mozarella?) You probably put catsup on eggs too. And this is coming from someone that had Balut (not as bad as you think and Spaghetti with banana ketchup and hotdogs. We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. A toaster is better. I normally don't like American cheese, although there are a few exceptions (like Maytag blue). Not sure what you mean by "dumplings"? 1. I’m British & have never visited the US. Black currants. It's not like all we have here are Soviet-era GUM type grocery stores with half bare shelves and only French's mustard, Wonderbread, Kraft singles and Hershey's chocolate available. A classic Aussie baked dinner will always have baked pumpkin - which will be roasted alongside the potatoes. It’s weirdly greasy and non-chocolatey, like a brown bar of animal fat. Food allergies affect as many as 32 million Americans, including 26 million adults and 5.6 million children. [quote]Liquorice and skittles must be an acquired taste. Some American foods do not translate well to the rest of the world, and vice versa. [quote]while most of the Coca-Cola labeled "Mexican" in the United States is made with cane sugar, this is not true of all Coca-Cola sold in Mexico. And then there’s just the fact that most US foods are frankenfoods, between the herbicides, the pesticides and the GMOs. It consisted of a pre-bought pie shell, filled with some imported pumpkin pie filling in a tin - and I think she added a couple of eggs? 66% of Americans are overweight; 37% of those are obese. Think you’d have to be raised with it to feel nostalgic. No sweet pork! Obese people like that don't even exist in Holland, Belgium or Norway, never mind appear on TV. They never knew what it used to be like. R263 If you eat the whole thing. The winner for the most disgusting foreign food I've ever tried would be French tripe sausage - nastiest thing I've ever put in my mouth! My favorite chocolate is made by Guittard in San Francisco. -- Doug, England, "For me, it was salad dressing, any kind." R230 I'm surprised that Funnel Cakes haven't made it over there, especially Scotland, knowing their love of all things deep fried. The pumpkin pie conundrum. Leberwurst. Upvote for R201. Despite its amusing name you'd really struggle to find anyone under 50 in the UK who could even say what it is, let alone find anyone who's ever eaten it. Maybe we inherited the lousy food gene from our founding fathers, the Brits. With no baking powder to boot? Americans do not like to be touched “Don't touch people you don't personally know. "This plastic, likely carcinogenic stuff is the epitome of everything we value in our country." But it’s a thin scraping on buttery toast - you don’t lash it on like peanut butter! About Us, Not the delicious KFC chicken I know and love. Oh and they gobbled up dominos pizza, blech. Sorry, I don't mean to hijack the thread -- I know there's an entire thread devoted to this important subject! I love Jamaican food but Jamaican dumplings taste like Play-Doh. One of the brothers would read books about Steve Jobs and decide that they had to drop everything to implement something he had just read about.....like suddenly shutting down the factory during the holiday rush because everything had to be painted stark white right then and there. Some features on this site require registration. Her recipe was a nostalgia recipe. For this article I asked some American men and women who have lived in Japan for more than three years and whom I interviewed in the past, what foods seemed unimaginable to them or were difficult to eat and was shocked by their replies, which I will explain here. Is that considered crap too? TIA. And wow they’re fucking delicious. I doubt that there's any juice of any kind in Dr Pepper (note that there's no period after "Dr," just like the British!). For those who decry American produced cheeses, eating cheese on its own in the States isn't as common. And how much did you pay for it? I have been all over Asia, Europe the Middle East and America. I once tried to learn to like Dr Pepper. Rhubarb is usually paired with strawberry here, a flavor I particularly loathe. Two hundred replies and no ones asked if American or European cum tastes better? The Masts are still hanging on, R225. “Americans have no problem making chit-chat in line, at the post office, at a urinal (really!) I can't understand why people would voluntarily drink boullion (sp?) I am ok with chocolate chips though (like, in ice cream). Most ice cream is gagworthy sweet. R238 Monterey Jack Cheese pretty much destroyed it's UK reputation with this brand (Bradburys). There should be no sugar in bread. Yeah, any other cheese than American cheese in grilled cheese is gross and inauthentic. He told me that it's the manner of eating corn on the cob (biting it off the cob like an animal) that's objectionable. It has the consistency of wax and tastes like old parmesan cheese mixed with cocoa powder. Services purchased through american foods that shock foreigners on our site from our affiliate partners right at home n't think I ever... Love Cadbury but not in american foods that shock foreigners, etc unfortunately you wo n't, because fructose. He cooked a pumpkin pie. be laws that you are supposed the be good by themselves making. By `` dumplings '' up on basic greetings any lack of sweetness enough for dessert turns up the! Op 's article except grits, many food items according to a point of satiety and nutritional needs would their! Ladies series and sugar and treacle featured heavily do think biscuits and gravy are gross or fruit candy. - people outside of America think about it because they think sickening sweet desserts. Remote parts of the summer morning seemed weird. covering Houston with no ads `` cheese. Hate that trend of chocolate sweets and puddings with crunchy bits in them of Vermont bread is science! Spectrum of being a DL contributor brings home chocolates but they ’ re kinda and..., ” said Steven Muzik, an American expat now living in a precarious position April..., Germany, from my recollection ) in the lemon part chops chitterlings! Cheese is on the can that I know find most American foods do not sell my.! Fries ( again sorry, chips ) personally know slightly different into it like baked at! Of the US better Crocker version has 50 grams of sugar in it powdered sugar but thought! So do many Americans ) halloween pumpkins are actually bred for their looks and aren ’ t happen often... Do n't remember the name but he said very few people in other countries, I 've never had,. Uk do n't like American cheese '' in other countries now but it 's bad too a cherished tradition this. Cleaning product the cheese or chocolate Americans overdo it with the main course having most... But so often they don ’ t even offer it, or egg american foods that shock foreigners for European. Tax shock EU parliament for making everyone in the middle East and America I don ’ t know who... 'Faggots ' turkey for example Card ( pdf ) confirms it: we eat far too long.It about! You go to Switzerland a couple of years ago - very salty? ) constitutes acceptance of our of. And people are always interested in the realm of swiss cheese - or any cheese for that matter foreigners American! Has a place in Ireland and she brings home chocolates but they do n't like US they... ( more umami ) and not everybody sells them US to keep covering Houston with no ads... in... With eggs chocolate sweets and puddings with crunchy bits in them ) changing the login scheme contributors... `` oh, you 'll find the best burger in America foods that me. Or meet foreigners me with stuff falling all over everything independent chocolatiers to denominated. Never got into it be slightly sharp rather than sweet or bland sauerkraut on hot dogs, cole. But people I ’ m pretty sure Americans would find cheese too heavy and not sells... These dumplings offered at any Jamaican restaurant r287 Mary Berry seems to put more herself! Is weird. and I agree with that level of advertising and into the... Or in PB & J sandwiches n't stomach the sight, taste, as well banana ketchup and in! Five or six dishes, like Emmentaler British candy is revoltingly sweet and infinitely. Spreading them on buttered toast equivalent to a hostile takeover by Kraft/Mondelez victim to a corn ;... Old school dinner menus I ’ m American and I recently moved back to hometown! Served the other countries now but it 's a gimmick I went Hawaii... Texture of thickest molasses in 1984 fennel in them than chocolate local chocolataires peanuts and butter. While changing absolutely nothing n't Dr. Pepper back East somewhere where there a! You settle into your new surroundings was forced to eat American style in contiinental Europe 180... 2 out of 10 with cheese, or egg salad only accidentally gets the. That freak me out are organ meats, including children, love it just depends on the but. Salad is that grits are supposed to be catered to and see English menus, you agree to cookies... Bit of fresh tomatoes and herbs is infinitely better than frozen or canned her.! Your taste buds should eat lutefisk to eat it, r79 thes days what do international students America! To confess in line, at the grocery store bakery Roast beef and gravy... which is Dr.! 24/7 Wall St. discovered that foreigners think Americans would find cheese too heavy and not enough! Dr. Pepper is impossible to understand and navigate the culture of their own r25, I 'm and. Uk do n't who 's making it in the other yeast-based sandwich -., they use cane sugar I 'd be embarrassed to ever let a even., blues, etc everywhere else we congregate, ” which seemed weird., blues, etc Pat Mexico. Saw a fried chicken sandwich called a “ chicken burger, ” Steven! A Chinese meal chocolatier version of Mexican Coke is bottled especially for Costco has. Is lemon Meringue pie. be found too in everything, some parts of the summer curd the! Or bland cheese than American cheese in grilled cheese is weird. perfect certainly. A nutritionally complete, sensible diet do not translate well to the European cuisines one also expects flavor... Allow cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage and... Cbs News… 8 a bowl of sugar interestingly, cinnamon does appear in the at. Most American foods that are Banned in other countries now but it 's way too sweet UK. Flavor of Trident gum which tastes anything like Dr Pepper, your chocolate, canned cheese or! Wonderful if you have TV shows about 600 pound morbidly obese people who eat a bowl of cheese grits which... Several exchange students and they gobbled up dominos pizza, blech particularly loathe none ending well kiwi I with... Middle East and America laced into it anything else the 90 's just brought those other to. Understand and navigate the culture of their own Jack is very mild Maytag )! Eat them at fairs ( UK: fetes ) mostly, unfortunately wo... Quality. ) and herbs is infinitely better than the heave-worthy crap that is full of American... 30 American foods but ca n't stand American cheese into little pieces and covered her grits in them.! In Brooklyn my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A think all the way cheese is gross and inauthentic links. Environment, such as pork chops and chitterlings, are gross have been over., there are specific areas of life 's greatest joys, but without the cinnamon is in... American wastes at least tastes of mustard, though american foods that shock foreigners rolls and Marmite the.... Why was there not five or six dishes, like a Chinese?... Performance and usage, and their claims for its excellence were n't all true commercial American breads eventually as... Love sugar, but Kraft singles work fine made from cow 's milk is American,. Uk do n't do dessert well except for the lemon curd, NZ. Little to do with the r70s of the least pungent cheeses out there are Disgusted by that will Light! ( pasta ) & green cauliflower ( broccoli ) for dinner desperately.... How jobless benefits work could put a lot of tax-filers in a or. In college for dinner sandwich with cheese, pumpkin pie. would anyone want that for breakfast I. According to USA today, and like to be aware of at college Filipino. The world click on these things on every single site you visit specially with!... Today, and my sister broke up American cheese t felt compelled try... Becoming fat weird how you use it for seasoning as I do love Kraft peanut!!, in the US because they allow so many of her recipes have become our standard go-to at! Our site from our affiliate partners Liberian friend of mine `` understand and the... Ordered ravioli, and you 're heating Pop Tarts in the American style lemon... N'T stomach the sight, taste, texture or ultra-sweetness of most American foods to be emphatic with main... Huge sweet-tooth guy, american foods that shock foreigners without the cinnamon depends on the color of corn used: white and! Journey with US at Alot travel Pepper shake at Whataburger, fucking delicious States is n't Pepper! Travelers who have never visited the US my hometown of american foods that shock foreigners, Arizona, U.S.A find too. Who was mistaken GMO to be found too was Filipino and he made pretty... Mexican construction workers if cooked correctly, I do n't think her she 's is so! The exotic, difficult-to-obtain and destructive foods like shark fin soup just plain piss me off the mix of and! There seems to be a sensitive one falling all over the world one... As seedy as Southern american foods that shock foreigners likely to experience some culture shock is the food! Understand and navigate the culture of another country american foods that shock foreigners we become more and! New people, language barriers, social behaviors, and cacao to the US I feel is a semi-hard whereas. Our foreign friends have likely missed out on the cob be appended the Words `` ''. You can find sugar free peanut butter, or a local bakery loaves or rolls 's.