Strong enough to stay upright despite rain and wind, each blade tops itself with an airy inflorescense in fall Spectacular fall color. Growing up to 4 ft. tall and 2.5 ft. wide, ‘Blue Heaven’ thrives in well-drained soil and full-sun conditions. They selected Blue Heaven® for its bright color and tall, vigorous growth. Little Bluestem is an often over looked native yet very ornamental grass. Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Blue Heaven'(Little Bluestem grass) is a North American native grass with bright steel blue foliage with purple highlights that turn a mix of purple, red, pink and orange in the fall. As an added bonus, the foliage turns a gorgeous orange in the fall. It typically matures to 2-4’ (less frequently to 5’) tall, and features upright clumps of slender, flat, linear green leaves (to 1/4“ wide), with each leaf having a tinge of blue at the base. As fall progresses, an exciting mix of colors appears: purple, orange, and many more shades of blue. Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnBlueA' little bluestem "Blue Heaven™" is a unique form of little bluestem, a native prairie grass known for its tolerance of sites with dry soil and full sun. Tall, slender seed plumes tower over the mounded grass by late summer and, if left on, provide winter interest in the landscape. All plant sales are purchased through Tolerate of both alkaline and acid soils. Little Bluestem; Prairie Beardgrass; Prairie Beard Grass; Previously known as: Andropogon scoparius; Phonetic Spelling ski-za-KRY-ee-um sko-PAIR-ee-um Description. 'MinnblueA', commonly marketed under the trade name of BLUE HEAVEN, is a little bluestem cultivar that is noted for its blue-gray foliage, burgundy-red fall color and narrow upright plant form. Small tan seed heads appear in late summer and late through to fall. Blue Heaven Bluestem is primarily grown for its highly ornamental fruit. The habit is very upright and columnar, and maintains its upright habit through fall. Flower Season. As its name suggests, this perennial has silvery-blue stems (particularly at the base) and leaves, making it an attractive addition to the landscape. The leaves and stems frequently have a bluish cast in summer, while the fall color is a very warm copper that does not fade throughout winter. It is a prolific self-seeder and can become invasive with little bluestem in lawns a major competitor to traditional turf grass. When it comes to soil quality, you don't have to pamper this pretty grass. Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnblueA' Be the first to review this product. Cette graminée ornementale, appelée vulgairement « barbon à balais » est une plante indigène de l’Amérique du Nord. Inflorescences of Little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium) 'Blue Heaven', garden in autumn, Ariege, France Little bluestem grasses (Schizachyrium scoparium) and other grasses backlit by setting sun in Ivy Creek Natural Area near Charlottesville, Virginia. In late summer small flowers are held on branched stems above the leaves. Common Name: Little Bluestem, Ornamental Grass . SKU. USDA Zone? This is a high maintenance plant that will require regular care and upkeep, and is best cut back to the ground in late winter before active growth resumes. PERSONALISE THIS ITEM (+2.95) SUBSCRIBE. This cultivar has a deep, rich, reddish-purple fall color. It is a host plant for several native butterflies and is popular in the … 5. A good low-maintenance selection for sun-baked areas. A native ornamental grass (Poaceae) with attractive blue-green foliage. Flowers are followed by clusters of fluffy, silvery-white seed heads which are attractive and often persist into winter. Schizachyrium Schizachyrium. Pot Size. In July-August, flower stems rise higher than the foliage clump bearing small reddish-brown flowers. Elle était connue autrefois sous le nom scientifique d’Andropogon scoparius. Panicles of purple and cream flowers emerge from late summer into autumn. Blooms in September with the purplish flowers forming seed in October. As its name suggests, this perennial has silvery-blue stems (particularly at the base) and leaves, making it … Terrific in the border or meadow. Its attractive … £17.99 Save 10%. Le choix des experts JMC 2014 (catégorie « graminées »). | 312-228-1004. Little bluestem plant is a native grass to North America. Other Names: Little Bluestem. skiz-ah-KEER-ee-um sko-PAR-ee-um Little bluestem is a tidy, finely textured clumping grass with a blue-green summer color. Nash Plant Symbol = SCSC Alternate Names ... ‘Blue Heaven’, ‘Carousel’, and several other varieties have been developed for landscaping and ornamental use. Several characteristics make this carefully selected variety attractive through all seasons. Plants have attractive fine textured blue-green foliage. A myriad of blue-, green- and purple-colored foliage creates kaleidoscopes throughout spring and summer, and fall brings reds, coppers, and orange hues. Description: Blue Heaven is a selection of native Little Bluestem Grass that grows very upright but doesn’t flop. Schizachyrium scoparium 'Blue Heaven™' pp17310 Little Bluestem. Easily grown in average, dry to medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun. Cut back old stems to 2-3” above ground-level in mid-spring. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. All Rights Reserved. 2. Other Names: Little Bluestem. The ‘Blue Heaven’ cultivar is a 2006 introduction from the University of Minnesota characterized by its strong and compact upright growth habit and deep blue-gray summer leaves that transition through burgundy in the fall to red with the onset of winter. View More Images. U. S. Plant Patent PP17,310 was issued on December 26, 2006. The blades can take on tones of purple, violet, and maybe red in fall. Blue heaven little bluestem is a beautiful ornamental grass at the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden. The cultivar’s strong upright habit and gray-tone color provides an excellent backdrop on which to interplant earlier-flowering species that benefit from vertical support, such as Dalea purpurea (purple prairie clover). Plant Care. The University's first—and currently only—release of an ornamental grass, Blue Heaven™, is a unique form of little bluestem, a native prairie grass known for its tolerance of sites with dry soil and full sun. Little bluestem blue heaven is dying . Hardy to -40°F Maximum Elevation: 9,000 ft. LITTLE BLUESTEM Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Narrow racemes of long wispy, reddish-brown … Emerges blue, develops pink and burgundy hues in late summer, and turns a rich copper in fall. Asked August 16, 2018, 4:34 PM EDT. Noteworthy Characteristics. The foliage provides excellent color all season-long and creates the perfect backgrop for prairie flowers. Little Bluestem is a native grass - we carry several cultivars of the native. BLUE HEAVEN has a taller, more upright habit that stays upright. Blue heaven little bluestem is a beautiful ornamental grass. This cultivar of the prairie grass, Little Bluestem, has stunning blue foliage accented by red stems. The selection process began in 1995, with seed from Benton County and 30 other locations statewide. More Detail. Pot Size: 1 Quart. Little Bluestem is a highly ornamental native grass prized for its blue-green leaf color and upright form. In fall, the grass turns a rosy rust color that lasts all winter. SKU: SCHBH1Q-1 Category: online sales Tags: Grass, Native. Tolerate: Deer, Drought, Erosion, Dry Soil, Shallow-Rocky Soil, Black Walnut, Air Pollution. Slender stems rise up with purplish panicles. This is a warm season grass, so … Native selection with dark blue to burgundy foliage in summer; fall color includes purple, violet and red; Sturdy species Blue Heaven™ Little Bluestem. Little bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium . Erect, broom-like clumps of slender, flat, linear leaves (1/4” wide) emerge light blue in spring, darken to blue-gray in summer, acquire purple highlights in late summer before turning burgundy red with pink and purple tones in fall. In early fall, tiny seed heads emerge on the top half of the stems as this lovely grass develops into a deep wine-purple color. It typically grows in a clump to 2-4’ tall. Tolerates clay soils and occasional inundation. We toured several gardens and saw lots of Little Bluestem. 24" Details. In fall, the grass turns a … Enjoy! It has steel blue blades that grow 4 feet tall. Little bluestem ‘Blue Heaven’ flowers in August, then give way to spectacular silvery-white tufts of seeds from late September onward, providing great winter interest and winter feeding for birds. Bluestem Variety. 1. Tiny tan seed heads appear on the top half of the stems in early fall. Fluffy light catching seed clusters appear and foliage displays intense orange-red hues in fall. Little Bluestem provides cover for ground birds and small mammals, and the seed is eaten by songbirds and upland gamebirds. Performs well in poor soils. It is also more upright and less floppy than other cultivars of little bluestem. Tolerates heat and humidity well. Details S. scoparium is a densely-tufted, deciduous, perennial grass producing a mound of narrow, arching, blue-green leaves. Size: Clear: Blue Heaven Little Bluestem Grass quantity . Best planted in groups. Seasons of Interest: Leaves: Summer/Fall/Winter; Bloom: Late Summer/Fall; Fruit/Seed/Nut: Fall/Winter. Add to Basket. This may be due to its intimidating Latin name but I suspect it’s because it is hard to document its charm in photographs…perhaps a video could capture its grace in motion. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. BLUE HEAVEN was introduced by the University of Minnesota at St. Paul, Minnesota. Flowers give way to seed heads fringed with showy, silvery-white hairs. Little bluestem is an upright grass that grows from 2 to 4 feet tall. It was one of the dominant grasses of the vast tallgrass prairie region which once covered rich and fertile soils in many parts of central North America. This little bluestem is distinguished by its upright habit, beautiful blue foliage and excellent fall color, in shades of red, burgundy and purple. Ornamental Grass - Little Bluestem 'Blue Heaven' - 2 Gal. Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnblueA' PP #17,310. Variety or Cultivar 'Blue Heaven' _ 'Blue Heaven' is a densely tufted, slowly spreading, clump-forming, deciduous perennial grass with erect stems bearing linear, blue-grey leaves turning maroon in autumn. In tallgrass prairies, companion grasses include Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, and Switch Grass. Drought tolerant form of little bluestem from North America, which is more upright than the species. Clump forming. It has a taller, more upright form than is typical of little bluestem. Think of it as a blue Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'. Read on for little bluestem information so you can decide if this interesting plant is right for your landscape. broom grass bunchgrass prairie grass wire grass little bluestem see more; Synonyms Andropogon scoparius. Blue Heaven Little Bluestem Grass Schizachyrium scoparium 'MinnblueA' (PP17310) $ 14.99 – $ 29.99 Dark blue summer foliage turns burgundy by late summer and then fades to red by fall, long thin wispy seed heads add a graceful appearance.