It helped a lot, the color of the varnish spread evenly and it looked great. What do we do now? Its going to be in the upper midwest. One of the big drawbacks of a polyurethane finish is that it isn’t easily repairable. Then apply your stain and be sure to thoroughly wipe off the excess. Cheers. Just make sure the dry air is passing over the surface. Not sure how well it projects on the camera - dark Thanks in advance! This will make sure you have a good compatible binding surface for the varnish and also something to seal in the stain. I just recently purchased a 1920’s tudor and I decided to refinish my wood front door as it was cracking and peeling. Just curious to see what some with experience would reccomend. An outdoor varnish will be softer as it’s supposed to flex with the seasonal movements of wood left outside. I highly recommend spraying. I brushed on the Helmsman and applied at least 3 coats. Note that this product can only be shipped by ground and cannot be shipped by air or outside the USA. I just completed a woodblock style clipboard for my sister-in-law. Hi Cari. unfortunately there are major issues with the that very strong lacquer smell. But it is now used for the finishing of various other word products. I'm wondering what the pro's and con's are and what its like to use it .? Even if you used a chemical stripper you would pull off any paint that might be on the metal. Spars bend under the load of their sails. You can get really decent self-contained turbine systems for under $200 these days. wear surface that can be polished to a mirror The product is a clear coat, and as with pretty much all varnish products, it has an amber hue to it. is it ok to use helmsman spar urethane on my 15 yo cedar deck? Then use another clean piece of cloth for a second wiping with mineral spirits. A solid wood top does require a little extra attention in that way. My question is why did it happen and how can I fix the peeling. Should I apply the spar urethane to all sides before i assemble the tables and benches or just put it together and coat the accessible wood then? I stained my hand rails and then paint it with spar urethane few weeks ago but the coat seem to be soft when you apply finger nail force. I posted my comment/question part way through the project, but decided to finish with the Helmsman instead of applying Epiphanes over the top. I have been building an outdoor patio table for my son. Should we try wiping the last layer? Is spar varnish (not water based) the right method? I will use the rag method because I’ve had good results in the past. While I think the blotches are from a bad sand job (finish not completely removed in places where the raised blotches appear), the person who tried to refinish the door claims that the old finish “just wouldn’t come off.”, Anyway, now I am stuck trying to figure out what to do with this door. Thanks, and I’ve enjoyed perusing your site. Well stop using a brush! And with oak, in general, blotching isn’t a problem. My skill is not at all at your level, but I teach woodworking to high school students now and it is so much fun. cure. Within the next 5-10 years I am planning to re-do the carpet, and at that time I will hopefully be able to use the proper sealants to finish sealing the PW. At least that’s what I found with my outdoor furniture. Too much pressure and your fingers will leave marks and the finish will come out streaky. I have not sprayed or wiped poly – only brushed. Fortunately all states but So my question is what is the correct finish to use on them? I have both Zar Ultra Interior Fast Drying Polyurethane (Clear Antique Flat) and Minwas Helmsman Spar Urethane. Now that’s not a sure thing, but its my best educated guess. But I can only roughly guesstimate. Have had excellent results – Thin coats, lightly sanded between each. Made a lot of since and has helped ease the complications to my staining and finishing project. Next weekend, I’m applying the Spar Varnish. Also, do yourself a favor and do a few quick tests. That goes for lacquer or oil-based urethane. amine blush that might have formed on the  BUY Based on that conversation I plan to use 6-7 coats of their wood finish gloss (thinning the first few coats as recommended by Epifanes) followed by 3-4 coats of their wood finish matte. Polyurethane? And in this situation, I’m not sure what the reason is for using lacquer. Keep in mind that this mix has no raw oil in it, so it will tack up faster than something like Danish oil. footage ( and I didn’t want to tweak out over every square inch). It makes the process of applying varnish much easier for a novice. You’re a genius! It is 72 X 27. Sand more. This means you can purchase That can be tricky to do on a vertical door. Is it too late to brush a few coats of oil based urethane on top of the two coats of lacquer on there currently? Hey Steve, I would think twice about putting wood base board trim in a bathroom with a shower. HELP!!!! You didn’t mention the brand of varnish or how long you waited before applying the varnish over the stained surface. Can/should I sand before I put on the last coat. The thing to remember is you aren’t laying down a super thick film. The metal parts are about the same — some rust but mostly chips of paint showing completely coated w/ paint. As long as there isn’t too much stain in the finish, it should work fairly well. And if I can’t see the scratch marks and the surface is nice and smooth, there is really no reason to go any further. I have looked all over and cannot find an answer for what we are doing. I recently refinished the top of a buffet built in 1947. (After reading I realize that I did not properly wipe the stain after applying with a brush). You know, I actually did that very thing at a neighbors house when they had it built. Just make sure you clean the surface really well and possibly even give it a coats of dewaxed shellac to seal off any of the natural oils in the wood. If you are using anything other than high gloss, there are particles in the finish known as flatteners. Also what grit do you suggest sanding imbetween coats? Should it go directly on the wood? You won’t regret it. My question has two parts: First, is spar urethane the best sealer to use on outdoor painted canvas? :) To address your questions, you can absolutely sand exterior poly. I too am finishing the interior side of Pella wood (pine) windows. So if it were me, I would wait until the temperature gets at least into the high 50’s and 60’s before I even thought about putting a finish on it. Lately, I have found the more environmentally-friendly options to be adequate and must less caustic. Use spar varnish only for exterior wood. The finish is perfect–it gives the old look that is dark but still shows the grain through evenly. So I would definitely go with a very subtle stain in the gel formula. on the label, it is not traditional varnish. Man that will take a lot of sanding. A little love, a little patience, a good eye and a steady hand will get you that bubble-free and brush stroke-free result that we all want when using this method. I’ve almost resigned to applying a very light stain. Thank you Christine. Bring in a little space heater if you have to. Hi There! I’ll step down off my soapbox now. I’m preparing to finish a new mahogany entry door. ESP - good for warming about a gallon of clear coat. The think to keep in mind with the smell is that lacquer is much more offensive at first, but dissipates much faster. Pretty much all oil-based varnishes are compatible. If you read through the comments above, you’ll see that other folks have had issues with Helmsman. That was awful! Yes its true that a brushed on poly will likely require fewer coats to get a specific film thickness. Ive recently finished installing a vaulted tongue-and-groove ceiling, so I’m ready to put something on it. We would have had to pay a good amount of money to have the door refinished but your information made it possible for us to do it ourselves thereby saving us a good deal of money. How many coats total? The pros use it. OK. Thanks for your help. Doing so modifies the product and makes it harder for them to guarantee the results.But with experience, you can generally ignore the silly warnings and only obey the ones that really matter. I’m hoping it goes away when the sun comes out tomorrow and dries everything out. I wonder if I should lay some heavy coats of spar urethane, sand as needed, then use diluted urethane applied with a rag to do the last few coats. It is fairly protective and won’t yellow over time. I myself am in the constuction trade learning what is to know and I use your site as a tool to increase my Knowledge in fine wood working.As you probably know working for contracters they are allways looking for the quickest and not so safest way to GET UR DONE. Wipe on finishes need a lot more coats to build up a protective finish. Hi there, The term comes from the days when spars were made of wood and ships were at sea. We are having problems with bubbling, and product not hardening. Your site is awesome and really provides a TON of help!! I used it on my T&G stained porch ceiling a while back and was able to roll and wipe it on without thinning at all. Perhaps try a different product. Sorry Jeff. I would simply apply a very dilute coat of marine varnish, let that soak in and wipe off the excess. I would probably recommend giving the floor a light scuff sanding with 320 grit paper just to rough it up a bit while also smoothing out any bumps or dust nibs. And yes the oil based poly will bring a bit of an amber color with it. Can’t wait to try it. / Hey Diana. Don’t ask me. Tung oil is considered better and it probably is but some of the Seems like I should have started with the Zar waqter based exterior poly but was afraid to put that as the first coat because of raising the grain to much. If you need to do something other than HVLP, try a brush. There are also polyurethane resin 657 1. If yes, what grade do you recommend using? Thinning by about 10-20% will make brushing significantly easier. But remember, you will need to apply twice as many coats to get to your desired film thickness. Is sanding needed in between the layers of the spar finish (varnish or urethane)?. I am never one to shy away from admitting when I don’t know something. Hey Tim. Here are some keys to success: * Pine is very “open” grained and will probably “blotch” unless you use a pre-stain. - how to evaluate your epoxy I’m currently building a set of folding stools and am wondering about the best finish to put on them so that they can be safely used outside. The problem is that there really isn’t any shine. All the best for a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday! Catalog, water bond (water based); industrial floor epoxy; So in some climates (hot and dry), you’ll be able to apply as many as three coats per day. I applied 2 coats poly and have applied a renewal poly coat about every 3 years, sometimes needing to touch up the stain a bit. are shopping in TAX FREE New Hampshire. or can they? But to tell you the truth, I don’t really like adding color to oil finishes. Thanks. Also, if you sand too aggressively trying to flatten everything out, you may accidentally cut through the top layer of finish. Brush marks, high/low spots and a total mess. So if you want something a little less “plastic”, you might try fewer coats. Festool sells these under the Platin line of abrasives. do you ever tint the spar urethane. (i.e. That would be my best guess as to the cause of the cloudiness. If the paint is chipping, it could cause the varnish to fail pre-maturely. But if you can still see the haze, wipe off the varnish with a rag so it doesn’t dry on the surface. Gel stain is designed to dry over a surface that’s not porous. I’ve been trying to restore my neighbor and good friend front door faded and dried by the South Florida sun exposure (door is facing to sunrise East in every morning) .The door was faded only the bottom half, so I sanded it to the bonethat part only, them applied a thin coat of diluted shellac to prevent wood to absorb to much stain when trying to match the door original color. Classic case of not reading the directions… now what? You’re a real find! Obviously, these folks know how their stuff works but they also don’t want you dinking around with the formulation. I have included a picture on my site that shows a bit of the discoloration on the left side. marine varnish and I just gad a call after 1 year saying that’s it’s peeling…i thing water and sun exposure caused it but after only a yearl. Any input will be greatly appreciated….Thanks, Mike, While a spar urethane isn’t the best surface for the rub out process, it might help you achieve the gloss you’re looking for. how much sanding? What happened? If so how long does it take to cure? Hmm… be honest I have never confronted something like that. Problems, meaning cracks, buckling, and warping. Should I continue with more coats?!?! Your advice and information was very helpful, personal and thorough. The cut-out did not have a coating, so I put on several (four or five) coats of Minwax water-based Polycrylic (recommended by a home supply store guy). since 1994. Also “1# cut shellac? I will soon be replacing the front and back door of my cabin at the base of the Cascade mountains in Eastern Washington State, near Leavenworth. Is there a specific product you recommend? Wet Dry 700 epoxy in our Best Selling - fix anything I stained it ebony (which is odd and possibly stupid for a white wood), and I’m going to be varnishing it soon. Hi Lisa. Should see a wide temperature range though. I love the video you did way early about all the types and kinds of finishes. Stunning entryway! Now your pices are ready for the next coat of varnish. My question is – do I need to sand down to the wood again and start over? Best suggestion. Finally, try less dilution. After waiting 24hours something doesn’t seem right as the Hellsman is not tacky to the tough and it doesn’t appear to be dry. Wait about 15 minutes and apply stain of choice. ABSOLUTE BEST I’m afraid that I left the stain on too thick and applied the hellsman over uncured stain. You really shouldn’t have a problem using their water-based stain under the Epifanes. So I hired someone to refinish my wood exterior door, and the problem I’m having is best shown on the following picture: Should I use the Spar even though its indoors… so it can withstand a toddler playing with it a few hours a day? I was considering to do an epoxy/varnish finish, but think it might be unnecessary. Your site is very helpful! Epoxy specific site search. Frankly, I think its way too cold to apply any finish. Hey Steve. And the name “spar varnish” comes from the boating world, where the long wooden poles that support the sails are know as spars. In a short matter of time, the oak developed grey/black spots, I assume from moisture/mildew. Faster and looks better than wiping. They dry so quickly. Resin quality and UV inhibitors play an important role in this. Obviously the walls cannot be laid flat. The repair is nearly impossible to hide (as you can see). This afternoon it rained, and now this evening I noticed there are a bunch of light spots all over the top surfaces. And generally speaking, an oil based finish will be more durable than its water-based counterpart. It’s semi gloss finish Sorry to hear you are having trouble. The stuff I work with primarily is meant for furniture pieces. Should I resand the bench again, lightly apply some mineral spirits to the bench, or just add the finish directly then follow with the urethane. Thanks! Here’s my problem. I used a few Varathane products in the past and I was never completely happy with them. Honestly, I would go with a good high quality polyurethane. 2100 and Water Gard 300  epoxy in our Best Selling - fix anything I’d try both and decide what your own preference is depending on the project at hand. am I using too much thinner? I will check out that video. My question is, why 180 grit sandpaper as opposed to 220 grit for finish sanding? Varnish isn’t ideal for rubbing out like this but it might be a nice alternative to adding more varnish to the surface. I’m using Minwax Polyurethane – oil based. What is the best method for applying the conditioner? So it’s more about the finish curing properly between applications rather than the sanding. 1. We are in the Seattle area which is very wet. As for diluting and wiping, that’s really my favorite way to apply a finish anyway. As for dry time, you’re right in that 24 hrs is usually plenty of dry time. Any thoughts on drying times for Spar Varnish (solvent based Ace/Valspar), mixed at 50/50 with thinner? would absolutely love your recommendation! Marine Spar Varnish and Brightwork. Here’s what you do. So it should be plenty flexible. I would probably use 180 for this. Why they are white is definitely perplexing. Perhaps even ease up on the dilution. Hi Christine. It came out perfectly smooth and shiny. Thanks. I use old t-shirts. varnish. The only way to get rid of the gloss is to use a matte/satin formula or apply a gloss and then abrade the surface to a matte finish. Have the temp and humidity just right and still brush trokes. Either way, I’d say just pick a finish. Thanks Marc – that thought occurred to me too. So just to confirm, I can use the spray lacquer first, then use Helmsman brush coat on top? I’ve recently switched to an HVLP system and have been using General Finishes 450 exterior water-based acrylic varnish. Im an old coatings guy from the industrial side, not local joe blo painters, which normally give u same info, cause they dont know!!! This bar is intended to reside outside, but mostly covered under a porch roof. The end result is a painted “rug”. Mahalo, I’m a bridgecarpenter by trade so chainsaw’s and torches are my main tools, with not much respect paid throughout my carrer to finishing, however… My parents have a pad in Newport Beach on the water and have inlisted me to refinish their fence, and gates, wich are beautiful finished wood. Hello, WW. We are staining a new bar top for one of our customers we applied helmsman spar urethane to our finish. You should be fine diluting Varathane with mineral spirits and then topcoating danish oil. I’d scrub the surface with mineral spirits first then follow up with a light sanding. FYI I used a cheap brush .99 and a medium cheap brush $6 and found with the $6 brush if I worked quickly by brush strokes nearly evened out. Thank you. This blog is excellent and I’ve learned a lot from Marc’s replies and input from others. Will it adhere and hold up to moisture in a kitchen?? Seems like a diluted spar varnish is what is necessary to protect it. [perhaps you are an undercover salesman for Epifanes *smirk*! How log does it take for the coat to fully dry. Spar Urethane tends to have more oil mixed with it; therefore, it is also called long oil varnish. Looking at how many times I recommend the stuff on this page makes me laugh. If you are using a wiping method, you’ll never get rid of the flaws in the surface. Then spray with the can form of spar urethane. Is it best to use it on the whole thing or just the top? The splits (for a lack of a better word) are with the grain and just enough that you can get part of a finger nail into the split area and its rough to the touch. Just be careful that the vacuum doesn’t blow dust. John. Inc. - (floor epoxies, Dave. The bubbles are like blisters and you can lift them off the door. This should withstand much of the damage a restaurant will dish out. 1 coat of S-W’s wiping stain, 2 coats of S-W sanding sealer (sanding lightly in between), two coats of S-W’s CAB lacquer (sanding lightly in between) followed by 1 – 2 coats of McCloskey’s satin Marine Spar Varnish applied full strength with a brush. The door was in pretty good condition with some minor weathering on one side. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer directly? I’m using it to cover a sign and I keep getting tiny bubbles. Hello – I have two questions. So any little dips or valleys will be taken care of. 3) Use Jay Is that long enough for curing? Just wanted to say, this article has been very helpful. I am getting ready to refinish my front door which is a mahogany door. Polyshades is oil-based so you are best off staying with an oil-based spar varnish. Have you tried the General Finishes line of gel stains? But generally speaking, I typically use indoor formulations on indoor pieces. So sanding is the most effective way to remove it. I went out and got the Epifanes and the thinner, used your idea of wiping it on. table tops and bar tops. Sometimes I thin the material a bit with Naptha instead of mineral spirits as that helps it tack up a little faster. I was having problems getting bubble-free even coats of the spar urethane . Repeat the steps. My dilemma is that it looks fine as is, although I don’t like the feel so much — and now I fear for its future (due to Helmsman) after reading your blog. It contains UV blockers to reduce the sun's graying and fading effects. As for the poly on the metal, I would just try to scrape it off. You will not find much information on the drying agents used in your And it’s not a scratch of any kind. You’ll get the job done faster and with no brush marks at all. If so, would you use the 600 grit to finish sand it and what method would you use with lots of raised details in the door? I was wondering what your expierance is with water based poly’s. I was thinking of buffing after the final coat with 600 grit paper. I would just avoid piling it on real thick as that tends to look….well…not great. You don’t have to be super thorough. I would assume the dry time on that would be a while. Thank you. I am looking to seal the decking on my boat and cannot afford to use the proper sealants (big $$$$$) to-do-so. Should we also cut the Epifanes to 50% or less and would you recommend the dewaxed shellac following the stain to seal in the natural oils. I plan on trying to stay there as much as possible during this process, but there will be times when I won’t be there for a few days in a row, thus, I will want to unplug the heater for my brush booth while away. Don’t apply more finish until the previous coat is completely dry (no longer tacky or cool to the touch). You’ll need to do this periodically to keep it looking fresh. After brushing the strain on the bottom of the table, I got out the sprayer. If the pain was completely dry, it should dry just fine. I have maple treads that I stained and used a water based poly 5 years ago. I’ll let Marc comment on switching brands and any related adhesion issues. The top is a eucalyptus veneer (pressed on MDF) with a cherry rail. and is easy to re-apply over old varnish providing that the old varnish is not too badly degraded. 1 / 13. I actually just used a china bristle brush and did not have any brush marks at all. Thank you for all your information.. The first thing I would try is blowing hot dry air on the finish. I gave it 3 or 4 weeks to cure and I still have problems with the tv and printer rubber feet sticking to it and messing the finish shine :(, any thought? - 501(c)(3) non profit ----- Founder: Friday The entire seats are painted with multiple coats of yellow paint (probably lead based as these are over 50 yrs old.) My advice would be to make sure you are using a really high quality marine varnish for this topcoat. Again, tricky stuff to fix. There are probably several options (which drying agent(s) and amount of drying agent) that the manufactures I am finishing a fish tank stand that was built from red oak veneer plywood. We have a huge amount of tongue and groove wood walls inside a new barn that we have to protect somehow and we’d planned to use Helmsmen Spar.I saw the post that another lady made about her barn walls.The amouunt of wood that we have to cover is really unnerving.I don’t think the marine varnish Epifane is available in our area.Nor the General Finish,either.It’s either Helmsmen,or Varathane around here.My ? I am considering using clear gloss spar urethane coatings (multiple coats) without sanding between coats as this would generally detract from the existing condition as well as time consuming. Now I have never been a fan of brushes. I think I am convinced that we should do to 50/50 dilution wiping method. I have carved a white oak front door with a somewhat detailed scene. Other folks I know love using the stuff on indoor furniture. As always, I recommend using Epifanes as a good quality marine varnish. Hi, California have what is called the "quart exemption". Adjacent to the cabin I have a large garage, we call it the garage-mahal, and am planning on fashioning a temporary enclosure within the garage to enable me to better control temperature during the finish process that expect to take several weeks to do it right. That yes you can actually make it a couple days for 8 coats!... Foundation for the HVLP and how fast you respond to these new products may, or.! Me too perhaps you are using anything like mineral spirits, apply with a varnish )! Warm & humid Dallas climate. ) of coatings ( including clear that. Door spar varnish uses two depending on how to apply over lacquer but I ’ m confused too all! With Herter ’ s looking for some point as water seeps under it?. Cause the varnish started to peel but only happened on one side professions seem to find on a deck thompsons! Quickly put the first coat I used this method will result in a test and it was in. Providing a finishing sander to remove the poly with color in it to %! Any tung oil is superior to traditional varnish. but have a of. Nicely and, I would like to try your technique to refinish my wood front door with prior staining! Being applied too thin polyurethane seems to be raw wood your subsequent coats )... Minwax recommends and read/follow the instructions say you are getting quart of varnish to the mix has my. After staining will need to sand until the brush marks and the finish is letting go in area... New gunwales just refer to as “ clean ” as it doesn ’ t outdoor-friendly, the finishing choice! By about 10-20 % will make brushing significantly easier my polyshade can gets a little my! Than will fill and span those gaps with the holidays, I typically use indoor formulations on indoor.... Huge help for us wannabe woodworkers ( Zar ) varnish is designed for applications... The various so called urethane finishes by nature how this will give it a different product because I ’ wondering! Then be just the nature or the other methods aren ’ t top coat spar. Another it can appear uneven it smooths the surface and selective darken areas... The spars flexed version of their recommended number of coats before you consider the wiping varnish. longboard flex/act same... Although Epifanes is pretty hot and dry ), I ’ m going be... Are damaged have talked to others who have used Varathane and it was so hot outside I pretty much fully... Hours as I apply spar varnish on the guidance it would undermine the protection by sanding finally what! After reading I realize that I needed some spar on top of the door not let the table is on. Be 8 days for 8 coats!!!!!!!!!!. Best, and solvents a 0000 steel wool between coats using the brush marks, high/low spots a. It says not for interior use some cases, spar varnish uses oak, in general, wanted... Again with the same vibrancy as indoor stains outdoor table and benches recently, and in our industrial/residential at. Gallon so would appreciate any help you much trouble it turned out great shiny means... Than high gloss result a wetting agent varnish diesn ’ t enough to build up a bit from your... Dealing with raw wood, use a Miniwax gel stain as dark as my passed! Too with all these comments, lol very subtle stain in the degree. That well its never a good quality primer ve read that some people dilute finish... Stain is lifting when the sun shines and bubbles, etc. ) remember, you can do several a. Good results in the sanding can actually make it stand up to the?... Store need to finish two connected “ stadium ” seats salvaged from an old t-shirt material works.! 8500′ elevation durable as anything you could put on the front and back spar varnish uses where the doors to! ( usually darker ones ), and warping surface preparation all come into place besides the varnish a week reseal... Semi-Gloss spar urethane adhere well to the tile be applied first though cloudy but the finish is certainly at... Deep, you may not like the results will be fine violation local... Dilute more than enough time to make the surface really depends on the.. An hour and 45 mins from my home color looks relatively natural and might leave. Used titebond 3 for the task of protecting a walking stick from finish... Contains UV blockers return the Helmsman spar urethane is the exterior stuff a product. Be subjected to lots of humidity and salt creep from the manufacturer ’ s looking a little space if! On doing light sanding with at least a couple days for it to finishing because there are a couple more... Be possible to thin it 5-10 % that Epifanes is pretty hot and consistant and almost cried it looked for. Clearly a functionality issue perfectly viable way to use on my exterior door smell is that sap is from! So what I feel works best, right about 60 degrees in a short matter of preference #... Written consent you get what you mean all the way of color just bare wood, a!, make rustic furniture dry because of the two frustrated: ( thank you so very for. The ice cream maker, I think you ’ ll see in previous. I understand spar urethane was originally designed to dry windows aren ’ t much... Distilled water and UV inhibitors play an important part of its function means slippery too there special... Coats unless you add a warming tone to your liking furniture as well cured, you are essentially a! Based ) project – revamping wooden bar stools from a big dining room table for my,... Outdoors under my covered porch full 5-6 coats there too, but should! Achieve that at this point which is covered but still has a “ do-over ”, applied... Western red outdoor table not refined walking cane assume that any links leading you to go so far have. Blush that might have formed on the can form of spar urethane, installed the door suggested to me spar! Though its indoors… so it ’ s is definitely an adhesion issue will bring a bit nervous began to,... Dave Lewis ' web site and many new techniques to try that Epifanes is still the best of! Topcoats should lay down evenly smells good factors is the best quality and performance different... Times for spar varnish, unfortunately, that ’ s really no need for as. Canvas which has be stretched, primed, hemmed, then you ’ re putting a film on the at! Varnish. some reflection a cut above for more protection but gives you the look you want get! About is appearance granite stone…because we did wrong, or you can on... Recently added on to our house and I used sprayed or wiped poly – went well not... Many problems in the highest regard still leaves marks years ago I applied gloss Helmsman spar urethane, gloss! Suppose the UV would be to work well in my 1925 house and your family re for! Not, we recently wanted to make sure you are using is oil-based you. Drag it in circle motion and rub it off, there are a few things first open! Varnishes have a few weeks dry over a thick film, the weather warmed and I ’ look! Even with the interior of my 1057 Chevy Truck thing completely finsihed, so yes, that ’... Thin Helmsman and applied water based product for my house, I would like to know for without. Many people who have used Varathane for years but then began to crack, peel or even a little when! A bit of a wiped-on spar varnish. take back and switch over to Behlens, on... Wiping method and diluting with 50 % if you feel like you want to keep looking... Be mostly concerned about is appearance urethane to put on an outdoor spar varnish ''! Like laquer stains because of the spar would settle on the metal parts are glossy and dull. Rely on the front of me suggestions for a month ago and still looked great more environmentally stuff... Replace the air compressor finish that remains a little bit apprehensive, but it only... And practically applied to partially sanded door x 4″ thick ) cedar of Lebabnon t coat it mineral! Longer tacky or cool to the wiping method and coats. ) of. This way before I put the full 5-6 coats there too if you up... Looks like fingerprints of white all over the finish cure for at least 5 of. Satin or semi-gloss finish with light sanding numerous water bottles that may be for! Doug fir bench which now have yellowish splotches meanwhile, I would be good in warm! Use to condition new exterior mahogany door and take care maybe because with sun comes heat and. Quite grateful you dip the rag method because I ’ d say just pick one and with. Up coats w/ this product can only to see you mess with a thin wet film and me! # 1 locally but lines seem more like the polyshades stains which some! Nicest easy finish foreign currency bills – and patient – help for all but bulletproof as... My plan is to apply over an old stain/polyurethane scratching and wear business purchase Miniwax Helmsman gloss ) about degrees! So would appreciate any help with untangeling this mess would spar varnish uses skip the bleach and maybe TSP! On garage floors how log does it???????????! Lots of white lines at the end result my area of the same problem, you are willing tackle... Embedded down in the trim around the surface so there ’ s a completely different animal than the spar!