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Red Martina

Hailing from Philadelphia, Red Martina is a collaboration of diverse storytellers. Producer Stoupe formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks, multi-instrumentalist Ish Quintero, Emcee Noesis of Philadelphia Slick, and vocalist Hayley Cass.

Spawned by a production team led by Stoupe, Red Martina’s sound is a mix of hip hop, downtempo and singer-songwriter ranging from soft ballads to lush head nodders. The group’s debut album Intransit deals with contrasting and intersecting themes both lyrically and musically.

The alliance of Stoupe’s production and sampling skills combined with Ish’s live instrumentation gives Red Martina its eclectic sound. These stories come to life with music that expands on precise cuts, driving drums, orchestral samples and classical guitars.
You might find Noesis’s rap lyrics in a collection of vignettes, with themes that range from expressive stories to battle rhymes. Hayley Cass’s sultry vocals are fused in melodious ballads as well as background vocals.

Intransit was released in late 2013 through Badtape music.

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