French beatmaker and audio visual artist Roger Molls, returned last Sept 12th with a new album titled The Man With Dusty Fingers 2.

The album is for sale on CD and Double LP Vinyl, and both Including stickers, poster and surprise. You can listen below, and buy on Bandcamp Wiseband and Amazon.

Roger Molls - The Man With Dusty FingersThree years and ten days after the release of the Metamorphosis of Muses album, this new album from Mr Molls stands as a second part of the first Man With Dusty Fingers, which saw the market lights on August 2011.

As the first part, this new The Man With Dusty Fingers 2 contains unreleased feats, beats and breaks. As per Molls facebook post:

“This album is 100% autoproduction. No Label, no producer. This is the result of hardworking, collaboration, motivation,…in a Do It Yourself mind”

The album include the work of talented musicians as Dj Noyl, Rebecca Meslet, Jonathan Jannotta and Greg Walee, and features the voices of Cropcirles 720, John Miclane, Slik Jack and Art Cons.

This is the first video for this album.



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