“Sometimes in the shadow, sometimes in the light”. That’s how french instrumental hip hop producer Spectateur describes his first album, titled Yateveo, and which promise to dive us as listeners into a story as fantastic as mythical: Yateveo, the man-eating tree.

After releasing the EP ‘Thipareth‘ Spectateur returns back to the game with a multiple faces album: a contemplative goldsmith work, mixing strong hip-hop bases to a profound melodic research.

Yateveo, released and distribuited by The French Touch Connection label, brings us into an instrumental journey punctuated from times to times with voices, a reminder of human presence in the heart of a dual Nature: brutal and protective.

With Yateveo, Spectateur’s signature becomes bolder, between onirism and darkness, between happiness and sadness, between hope and melancholy. First single “Early Birds: summarizes all these.

As Spectateur’s electronic music deals with quality, he was selected to play on one of the best French Hip-Hop festivals: Hip OPsession. Spectateur shared the scene for Shigeto & ProleteR on last February 18th.

Yateveo is avaliable for listen and download, on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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