Darkside: A conversation, and an exclusive mixtape

Argentina-based trip hop producer Darkside is such an enigmatic persona. I remeber listening his first EP “Unknown Sequencies” on bandcamp, which contained no more than a strange cover image, and get instantly engaged on the broken beats and melodies. Not much information but his place of residence. Born as Ariel Romero, on February 13, 1978 […]


THAT: Trip Hop Addicts Therapy. Session #160628

This is an special playlist for the week: Only the best examples of trip hop/downtempo/hip hop made on Latin American soil, by Latin America people. First, Argentinian singer Natalia Clavier appears twice on the list. She is one of Thievery Corporation’s main voices. Next, more Argentinian flavor: Baridi Baridi (formerly The Ice Fox), Darkside and […]


Baridi Baridi featured on last Malvos work

The Argentinian very talented musician/producer/artist Baridi Baridi ( formerly The Ice Fox ) collaborates on Malvos last song, entitled “Wrong” This is the first time for Baridi Baridi makes a collab with Malvos, a duo from Moron, Argentina, conformed by producers Diego Quinteros and Sergio González. The works Malvos have released oscillates around Trip Hop, […]