THAT: Trip Hop Addicts Therapy. Session #160621

So here we go again! Classic and good stuff by Tricky, Saltillo, Nighmare on Wax and Lovage. Have you heard The Baby Namboos? Sick underground Bristol band from 90s. Also a song of Mujaji,  which I recently discovered (thanks to my friend Massie ), and some hip hop spices by L’Orange and Kool Keith, and […]


Triptica Presents: ULTRASECRETA Vol. 1

This is the first mixtape created by Triptica to take a look to the actual sounds of global trip hop scene. Music from Bird Flies High, Sound Me, The Ice Fox and many more have been included. This is an exclusive download for selected people who attended Noche ULTRASECRETA de Trip Hop and will not […]


Inside the nest of Bird Flies High

My favorite aussie duo Bird Flies High is always awesome. They compose their music, play the instruments, records and even edit and publish their videos on their own, while having time for paid jobs, relaxing on their private jungle, and chatting with friends from all across the world, including me. They recently released a new […]

Trip Hop Bands and Artists

Bird Flies High

Bird Flies High are a downtempo, trip-hop band from Queensland, Australia, formed in 2011, comprising of Bird (Vocals/ Lyricist/ Keys/ Flute) and Peaky ( Saxaphone / Beats/ Production) Although initially placed in the downtempo, trip hop genre, Bird Flies High quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be classified so […]