Exclusive: GhostsDream debuts with a stunning video

Los Angeles-based duo GhostsDream have released their debut music video, for their new single, “Contact feat Julia A.” Los Angeles singer/songwriter Julia A.’s haunting voice shines clear as a bell over the Massive Attack-meets-Pink Floyd palette; well suited to the subject matter of alienation and loneliness. GhostsDream’s signature moody groove serves as perfect bedfellow for […]


Inside the nest of Bird Flies High

My favorite aussie duo Bird Flies High is always awesome. They compose their music, play the instruments, records and even edit and publish their videos on their own, while having time for paid jobs, relaxing on their private jungle, and chatting with friends from all across the world, including me. They recently released a new […]

Trip Hop Bands and Artists

Bird Flies High

Bird Flies High are a downtempo, trip-hop band from Queensland, Australia, formed in 2011, comprising of Bird (Vocals/ Lyricist/ Keys/ Flute) and Peaky ( Saxaphone / Beats/ Production) Although initially placed in the downtempo, trip hop genre, Bird Flies High quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be classified so […]