Monophona, a blend of two extremes, electronic and intimate, melodic and innovative. They are based on Luxembourg, and started as the duo of Claudine and Chool, but later Jorsch, the drummer, brought dynamics to the party. They are currently preparing a set of live concerts promoting their second album “BackonBlack”, after the critically praised debut […]

21 Hertz

21 Hertz is a French Swedish trip hop group located in Stockholm (Sweden). It was created by its two French members, Christian Ricci and Sylvain Brochard in 2002. Working at the same place at night, taking care of mentally ill people, and doing music alone during the day, they both needed an escape. Coming from […]

Skinner Box

“Skinner Box” band was formed in Athens, Greece and is activated since early 2012. The group consists of Vana Rose (Vocals), Spyros Mitrokotsas (Guitars), Nikos Zourbakis (Guitars) Stefanos Manousis (Bass guitar/keys) and George Papanastasiou (Drums/Percussion). “Skinner Box” music style blends various sub-genres of alternative music, like indie,Shoegaze, trip-hop, and post rock. Their music is based […]