Spectateur new album is out now

“Sometimes in the shadow, sometimes in the light”. That’s how french instrumental hip hop producer Spectateur describes his first album, titled Yateveo, and which promise to dive us as listeners into a story as fantastic as mythical: Yateveo, the man-eating tree. After releasing the EP ‘Thipareth‘ Spectateur returns back to the game with a multiple […]


BeLOey, trip hop project, see the first day of light in 2003 by composing for himself some creepy electro sounds on his old computer, in his small cellar. In 2007 he released a self production Ep called “Bienvenue Voyageur”, with a determinate vibe of Trip Hop’s songs. In 2011, he came back with “Trip Hop […]

21 Hertz

21 Hertz is a French Swedish trip hop group located in Stockholm (Sweden). It was created by its two French members, Christian Ricci and Sylvain Brochard in 2002. Working at the same place at night, taking care of mentally ill people, and doing music alone during the day, they both needed an escape. Coming from […]