Elsiane: “Our music is a melting pot of very different styles”

Elsiane is one of those bands I found when searching for new music to listen. Thanks to the vast internet, I downloaded a copy of Hybrid from the late brazilian blog TripHopX, which pointed to a pirate link on megaupload. After listening, became fully in love with the sound. Elsiane is the name of a […]


International Jazz Day 2014 at Triptica

Are you wondering why we are playin jazz instead of Trip Hop? For second year, Triptica joins inicitative of UNESCO and Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz, on the worldwide celebration of the International Jazz Day. We will also join the costarican music and arts collective La Triada Herm├ętica and our friends from La Cueva del […]

Trip Hop Bands and Artists

Bird Flies High

Bird Flies High are a downtempo, trip-hop band from Queensland, Australia, formed in 2011, comprising of Bird (Vocals/ Lyricist/ Keys/ Flute) and Peaky ( Saxaphone / Beats/ Production) Although initially placed in the downtempo, trip hop genre, Bird Flies High quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be classified so […]