Elsiane: “Our music is a melting pot of very different styles”

Elsiane is one of those bands I found when searching for new music to listen. Thanks to the vast internet, I downloaded a copy of Hybrid from the late brazilian blog TripHopX, which pointed to a pirate link on megaupload. After listening, became fully in love with the sound. Elsiane is the name of a […]


This video is not safe for photosensitive epilepsy people

“All the little birdies dream about a nest”. This line describes the video for the song “The Great Nest”, that Russian-based band “The Grus” released to promote their upcoming album “Nest”. The Grus is an experimental/downtempo band from a remote Russian village with the population of 30 people. They create their unique palette of sounds […]


The Digital Age: Trip Hop on the go

The latest apps Trip hop has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Bristol in the early 1990s. And with any musical genre that sees wide scale appeal it evolves to fit its surroundings. Although trip hop may not have relinquished the components, which saw it garner worldwide praise during its inception, it […]