THAT: Trip Hop Addicts Therapy. Session #160621

So here we go again! Classic and good stuff by Tricky, Saltillo, Nighmare on Wax and Lovage. Have you heard The Baby Namboos? Sick underground Bristol band from 90s. Also a song of Mujaji,  which I recently discovered (thanks to my friend Massie ), and some hip hop spices by L’Orange and Kool Keith, and […]


A Reason To Love You goes Spotify

A Reason To Love You, the Costa Rican based trip hop fanzine, which is a partner-in crime with Triptica when organizing trip hop events, announced a couple of days ago that will start creating curated trip hop playlists on a weekly basis via Spotify. This monday Jason Muñoz, the head of this community, presented the […]