Darkside: A conversation, and an exclusive mixtape

Argentina-based trip hop producer Darkside is such an enigmatic persona. I remeber listening his first EP “Unknown Sequencies” on bandcamp, which contained no more than a strange cover image, and get instantly engaged on the broken beats and melodies. Not much information but his place of residence. Born as Ariel Romero, on February 13, 1978 […]

Album News

Spectateur new album is out now

“Sometimes in the shadow, sometimes in the light”. That’s how french instrumental hip hop producer Spectateur describes his first album, titled Yateveo, and which promise to dive us as listeners into a story as fantastic as mythical: Yateveo, the man-eating tree. After releasing the EP ‘Thipareth‘ Spectateur returns back to the game with a multiple […]

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Watch Monsieur Grandin New Video

  Monsieur Grandin is the pseudonym of Stephane Grandin, a trip hop and electronica music producer based on Toulouse, France. Watch the video for the song The Hunt which features Nell Mess on the vocals.The video, directed by Félix Catala, is a surrealist horror short-tale based on the Charles Perrault’s fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. […]