This video is not safe for photosensitive epilepsy people

“All the little birdies dream about a nest”. This line describes the video for the song “The Great Nest”, that Russian-based band “The Grus” released to promote their upcoming album “Nest”.

The Grus is an experimental/downtempo band from a remote Russian village with the population of 30 people. They create their unique palette of sounds using analog synths, old-fashioned guitars from the Soviet era, tape recorders and an array of handmade instruments and microphones, as well as the singing of birds living nearby the studio. At first, this music might seem a little bleak, but with every listen it unfolds beautifully, full of inner light, layered rhythmic structures and soft melodies.

You can listen and buy their upcoming album here, or order their limited edition 12″ vinyl here. Being honest, is my 2015 favorite at this time.

And if you have some trouble watching the strobe version of video, better check the No-Strobe version here

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