Trip Hop Album Covers Reimagined

The artist Emre Karacan, from Eskisehir, Turkey, recreate with his illustrations, the cover art of three albums from the most recognized and famous trip hop bands.

From his twisted and minimalist – grostesquely magic style of illustrate, Karacan presents his own point of view  for the art of Massive Attack‘s fifth studio album Heligoland, Morcheeba‘s Dive Deep and Portishead‘s 1994 first album Dummy.78d87819a0c593bfa7e5bac956593bff[1]b2ecdb070faef904f0ba1a1d07f43d77[1]175b681e07238dcf3f53f8865b7a05b8[1]This concept work also presents how the illustrations would look on t-shirts.

Visit the Project Page, and the Artist Profile on Behance and give a like of appreciation:

Emre Karacan is the designer of the poster of TripHop Program, hosted by Ahmet Balat and broadcasted each thursday 10:00 PM on Anadolu University Radyo A.

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